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Pete Wishart at Business Questions on 27/01/22
Pete Wishart MP at Business Questions on 09.12.21
Pete Wishart MP at artists & streaming debate on 03.12.21
Pete Wishart MP at House of Commons debate on 30.11.21
Pete Wishart MP at Business Questions on 25.11.21
Pete Wishart MP at House of Commons Debate on 17.11.21
Pete Wishart MP at Standards Debate on 16.11.21
Pete Wishart MP at the Emergency Debate on 08.11.21
Pete Wishart MP at Busienss Questions on 04.11.21
Pete Wishart at standards debate on 03.11.21
Pete Wishart MP at Business Questions on 29.10.21
Pete Wishart, SNP MP, during the debate on English Votes for English Laws in the House of Commons - 13/07/21
Pete Wishart MP at Business Questions on 08.07.21
Pete Wishart MP - Business Questions - 01.07.21
Pete Wishart MP returns to Business Questions on the floor of The House of Commons 24.06.21
So it wasn’t so much a ‘supermajority’ it was more electoral ignominy. Coming in at 1.7% the Alba Party didn’t rise like a phoenix but sank like a stone. For all the brave talk of taking out unionist MSPs the only thing Alba demonstrated was that there was little enthusiasm for an alternative independence party, […]
Pete Wishart MP grills Michael Gove MP during joint committee session 20.05.21
Pete Wishart MP - Queens Speech debate - 11.05.21
Pete Wishart MP asks the Secretary of State for Scotland when PM Boris Johnson will be visiting Scotland to make the case for the Union
‘Just pronounce the bloody name properly……’ was my first reaction to the chaotic launch of Alex Salmond’s Alba Party. I could just about forgive the multiple technical difficulties, the questions we couldn’t hear and the awkward empty silences, but getting the Gaelic name of our nation wrong, particularly when you had just appropriated it? Come […]
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