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Pete Wishart, SNP MP, during the debate on English Votes for English Laws in the House of Commons - 13/07/21
Pete Wishart MP at Business Questions on 08.07.21
Pete Wishart MP - Business Questions - 01.07.21
Pete Wishart MP returns to Business Questions on the floor of The House of Commons 24.06.21
So it wasn’t so much a ‘supermajority’ it was more electoral ignominy. Coming in at 1.7% the Alba Party didn’t rise like a phoenix but sank like a stone. For all the brave talk of taking out unionist MSPs the only thing Alba demonstrated was that there was little enthusiasm for an alternative independence party, […]
Pete Wishart MP grills Michael Gove MP during joint committee session 20.05.21
Pete Wishart MP - Queens Speech debate - 11.05.21
Pete Wishart MP asks the Secretary of State for Scotland when PM Boris Johnson will be visiting Scotland to make the case for the Union
‘Just pronounce the bloody name properly……’ was my first reaction to the chaotic launch of Alex Salmond’s Alba Party. I could just about forgive the multiple technical difficulties, the questions we couldn’t hear and the awkward empty silences, but getting the Gaelic name of our nation wrong, particularly when you had just appropriated it? Come […]
Pete Wishart MP - Westminster Hall debate: Government-backed insurance for live events
Pete Wishart - Scotland’s constitutional future - Opposition day debate 17.03.21
They’re male, they’re pale, they’re angry and intolerant and by God, they loathe the SNP.  Meet the anti-SNP ‘indy’ bloggers. A more curious bunch of irascible and irritable bunch of contrarians you’re never likely to meet. Over the course of the past couple of years they have become an easily recognisable social media community and […]
Pete Wishart MP makes an impassioned plea for more support for artists and creatives during a general debate on Covid-19 and the Cultural and Entertainment Sectors. The debate took place on the evening of 02.03.2021
I spoke to Luke Jones at Times Radio about my career before becoming an MP and my passion for music
With just a few weeks to go till the May Holyrood elections there are still some in the wider Yes movement hankering to turn that election into what they call a ‘plebiscite’. Borne out of an implacable belief that ‘Boris’ will never agree to a ‘Section 30’, its proponents contend that this will be the […]
Pete Wishart at the Petitions Committee - Musician's ability to tour in the EU - 08.02.21
Of all the things musicians would rate amongst their ambitions when setting out at the start of their career success in Europe would be close to the top. A continent with a diverse musical taste, loyal fans, an almost inexplicable musical curiosity, Europe is on our doorstep but can almost seem like another world. The […]
Pete Wishart MP asks an Urgent Question on visa arrangements for UK musicians in the European Union. Mr Wishart is a former musician having toured with Big Country and Runrig.
Pete Wishart MP (Perth and North Perthshire) questions Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the Liaison Committee on 13.01.21
Thank you Mr Speaker And I rise to oppose this bill. This is the concluding episode of their tortuous Brexit drama, the final slice of misery, the last indigestible bit of this big fat Christmas turkey.  And what a stinker this deal is. It is a disaster for every sector of our economy, for business, […]
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