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Join Greenock and Inverclyde SNP as we discuss with Mike Russell how activists can win minds over to independence
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Mike Russell
Are you aged 40 or over and still to get your first COVID-19 vaccination? Or, are you any age and waiting 10 or more weeks for your second dose of AstraZeneca?
Ronnie Cowan out in Ward 5 Gourock today, doing a double drop of leaflets in glorious sunshine.
📰 Here's my column from yesterday's Greenock Telegraph covering how Scotland's six Tory MPs have failed to protect the incomes of pensioners in Inverclyde and across Scotland.
Work is under way to deliver ONE MILLION pro-independence papers across Scotland, as part of a collaboration between The National, Believe in Scotland and the SNP. This fantastic picture is from Yes Inverclyde's efforts 😍
35,000 copies for delivery.
Peterhead SNP untangle those pesky cross-border trade figures.
Scotland flag - the saltire Made In Scotland. For Scotland.
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