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👇 This is the grim reality facing Scotland, as part of the UK, because of Westminster inaction on the cost-of-living crisis.

📢 Parliament must immediately be recalled for an emergency budget which will deliver meaningful and long-lasting financial support to households.
The thing unionists insist must be honoured: “once in a generation opportunity” slogan

But at the same time the unionists don’t insist that the Vow is honoured!

Taking back control 🙃
LIZ Truss will look to rebrand Scottish independence as “separatism” in an effort to paint the movement in a negative light, reports say.
Here's tomorrow's front page. It's a late one but we wanted to bring you the BEST coverage of the Tory hustings in Perth
YESSERS welcomed the two leadership contenders to Perth this evening.
‘Overwhelming evidence’ education system leaves too many poorer students behind, despite decades of policy focus
Eddie Mair spoke to a businessman who has been forced to move his operations from the UK to the Netherlands as rising energy prices with no cap is making it ...
BOTH Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss would boost support for Scottish independence as Tory leader, a poll has found.
Here's a look tomorrow's front page 📰 'Levelling Up exposed as 'Empty Tory slogan'
📣 Financial Times: "Scotland - which has its own state-owned water company - massively outperformed its neighbours with water standards similar to much of Scandinavia."

💧 By keeping Scottish Water in public hands, the SNP Scottish Government is delivering better value and a better service.
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