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Only 100% committed to a new referendum!? Come on, Gillian Martin! Surely you can do better than that! I’m pretty sure Keith Brown or Angus Robertson would have given us at least 110% assurance. Alyn Smith might have gone as far as 200%. But he’s the guy who says ‘we’ve never been closer to independence’. … Continue reading I do not consent!
If you wish to maintain that the SNP/Scottish Government HAS made progress towards restoring Scotland’s independence then share with us the evidence and/or reasoned arguments which have persuaded you of this. Please use the comments section for responses. If for want of the ability to formulate a meaningful response to the first challenge, you wish … Continue reading A challenge to all...
Judging by some of the things Gerry Hassan says in his National column, he appears to think the rest of us are a bit thick. We confuse independence with an independence referendum. We fail to recognise the portion of the electorate outside the Yes/No divide. We focus on process when we should be concentrating on … Continue reading Gerry Hassan’s list – 6 to 10
It is perhaps a sign of the general weariness which has beset Scotland’s constitutional debate that a man of Gerry Hassan’s great erudition can come up with a list of only 10 things to think about before our next indyref. Back in the day, a list from such a source could be expected to run … Continue reading Gerry Hassan’s list – 1 to 5
As you watch events unfold over the coming days and weeks please remember this. It is not the diagnosis that kills the patient. It’s the disease. It is not the people who warn of impending failure who bring about that failure. It’s the people who ignore those warnings. Before you start shooting messengers, bear in … Continue reading The worst of times
Linger a while over the title of this article. You will surely never have seem its like before. You are unlikely ever to see it again, and certainly not outside the confines of the British media. For the most part, such a statement would be regarded as a contradiction in terms. Few combinations of terms … Continue reading A British Nationalist speaks the truth!
To mark the seventh anniversary of the 2014 independence referendum I offer for your consideration and comment the last article I wrote prior to the vote. It was first published in Yes Clydesdale’s Aye Magazine, which some of you will surely remember with a certain nostalgic fondness. Aye Magazine is no longer extant. But the … Continue reading That was then
Tomorrow is Saturday 18 September 2021. At 07:00 tomorrow it will be precisely seven years since polling places across Scotland opened their doors at the start of what was surely the most significant democratic event in our nation’s history. For the subsequent fifteen hours the people of Scotland held in their hands something close to … Continue reading The bright side
I take it that headline was intended to be ironic. The only complacency I see here is coming from Richard Walker. And it’s coming in huge, all-engulfing, sense-swamping, reality-defying, panglossian waves. As I read Richard’s column I found myself trying to figure out whether it reveals his own personal take on the situation; or whether … Continue reading The rosy view –...
No great political sophistication is required to intuit that when a politician says we should be looking at this thing it’s because they don’t want us looking at that thing. Everybody knows that when a politician insists on answering what they refer to as the ‘real’ question rather than the question they’ve been asked it’s … Continue reading Don’t...
I didn’t notice a formal request from the First Minister to the British Prime Minister for a Section 30 order. But the British government has apparently rejected it anyway. Which will come as something of a relief to Nicola Sturgeon. Or at least it should. Nobody of consequence has ever accused the woman of stupidity. … Continue reading Bullet dodged
Nicola Sturgeon does good speeches. She is renowned for her communication skills. Skills which have stood her – and the nation – in good stead during a public health crisis which demanded the best of Scotland’s First Minister. Her opponents-for-the-sake-of-it scoff and sneer and dismiss her role as mere presentation. Such people are stupid, of … Continue reading Leader...
Do you recognise the above image? Do you remember it? It’s the original Yes logo before the SNP bastardised it and burdened it with ideological baggage only tangentially and tenuously related to the central constitutional issue. Have you ever really looked at it? Have you thought about what it means? Have you considered what it … Continue reading Yes
I had another very enjoyable day yesterday in the company of 2,000 other independence supporters as we marched through Stirling. The weather was almost ideal for such a strenuous activity. Not too hot – except for the periods when the clouds parted sufficiently to let the sun beat down on us with its full intensity. … Continue reading Scotland’s Cause
Avid readers of this blog – I hope you’re both well and keeping safe – know how fond I am of questions. I wouldn’t go so far as to say there’s no such thing as a stupid question. But I know for a fact that however many stupid questions there may be that number is … Continue reading A good question
As she set out her Programme for Government Nicola Sturgeon was at great pains to ensure that her get-out clause on the constitutional issue was not just placed on the public record but hammered into it. By my count the official transcript of her statement refers to ‘Covid/pandemic’ around twenty times while ‘independence’ and ‘referendum’ … Continue...
Let’s start by clarifying a couple of points. The office of First Minister is not the incumbent. Whoever bears the title of First Minister of Scotland does so only with the consent and approval of the people of Scotland and the Scottish Parliament. The office of First Minister belongs to the people of Scotland. The … Continue reading The Saltire strikes back!
Few would disagree with Ruth Wishart’s observation in her Sunday National column that “it’s always a mistake to confuse social media with real life” I have lately begun to suspect that the difference between the two may be rather less than it pleases us to suppose. Ruth goes on to allow that social media “sometimes … Continue reading Social media and...
The National reports today (Bid for SNP to commit to indyref2 date and define ‘end of pandemic’ rejected) that party managers have rejected a conference resolution which demanded that a date be set for a new referendum and a “concrete definition of what it means for the Covid-19 pandemic to have passed”. This is why … Continue reading Two faces
Please join with me in wishing a very happy fourteenth birthday to the Scottish Government! It was on 3 September 2007 that then First Minister Alex Salmond binned the old ‘Scottish Executive’ title and so in effect created the first Scottish Government of the democratic era. It would be another five years before the legal … Continue reading Happy birthday...
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