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A single, unifying vision for independence is not only unrealistic, but anathema to the diverse and varied political stances of Scotland. Stephen Paton: This is why a single, unifying vision for independence is unrealistic Surely the most sensible – even insightful – thing Stephen Paton has ever said. If he’d written no more than that … Continue reading Less vision!...
…this argument comes from a place of political unreality. Andrew Tickell: Home Rule in this reactionary UK would not answer our problems Reading Andrew Tickell’s column in The Sunday National this morning, the phrase “a place of political unreality” struck a chord. This, I thought to myself, could be the strapline for ‘brand Scotland’. We … Continue...
Language matters! We tend to think of language as a means of expressing our thoughts and feelings. We are perhaps less inclined to consider how language shapes our thoughts and feelings. In fact, these are two sides of the same coin. We choose what we say and how we say it for the purpose of … Continue reading Ears of tin
Ruth Wishart adds her own plea for an end to squabbling within the independence movement to the seemingly endless list of other such futile efforts at refereeing the affray. The Believe in Scotland Facebook group threatens to eject anyone judged to be conducting “internecine warfare”. There we have the two most common ‘solutions’ to the … Continue reading If only
You have to admire Chris Hanlon’s commitment and dedication. But I fear he has painted a target on his back with his statement promising to continue the fight to reform the SNP from within. With other high-profile reformers lost to resignation or defection and some of the hijackers’ most effective (vicious?) operators returned to the … Continue reading The nature...
With the announcement that Joanna Cherry MP has quit the SNP’s National Executive Committee (NEC) coming hard on the heels of Douglas Chapman MP resigning as National Treasurer Nicola Sturgeon may consider that any “problems” caused by last November’s elections to the party’s (nominal) ruling body have now been well and truly solved. In fact, … Continue reading...
Douglas Chapman MP’s resignation as SNP National Treasurer comes as no surprise. He is an honourable man. When he tells me that he did not receive the support or financial information he needed in order to carry out the fiduciary duties of the role to which he had been elected by party member, I believe … Continue reading Nothing changes
I have squandered my resistancefor a pocket full of mumbles such are promisesAll lies and jests These lines from the Simon & Garfunkel song The Boxer were playing on a loop in my head when I awoke this morning. I dismissed it as just one of those ‘earworms’ that we all get from time to … Continue reading A pocket full of mumbles
We’re at a point now where procrastination just won’t cut it any more, where tinkering at the edges of single issues that only affect a tiny minority but make certain people look terribly “progressive” in the eyes of an even tinier bubble won’t get us to our destination. And it certainly won’t answer the big … Continue reading A knotty problem? Or not a problem?
The Scots Government should in the court action challenge the very existence of the legal power of Westminster to say no to indyref2, by plainly asserting that the democratic legitimacy of Holyrood trumps that of the Westminster Parliament over Scots affairs, giving it Holyrood the legal authority to hold an independence referendum. Scott Crichton Styles … Continue reading The legal and...
My heart lifted slightly when I caught sight of Richard Walker’s latest column in The National. For a moment I thought he was about to break ranks and suggest a change of approach to the constitutional issue by Nicola Sturgeon. Perhaps I fooled myself in my eagerness to have someone of Richard’s standing add their … Continue reading Bombarded!
If the idea of "bludgeoning" anti-democratic British Nationalists is so abhorrent to Nicola Sturgeon as to be a hindrance to Scotland's cause then she is no more suited to the task of leading that cause than Douglas Ross is to the role of Scotland's First Minister.
Downing Street. Carnaby Street. Cable Street. All streets famous for one reason or another. And now there’s a new addition to that list – Kenmure Street. Just as Downing Street is a metonym for executive power in the British state. Just as Carnaby Street is synonymous with 1960s fashion. Just as Cable Street is famed … Continue reading Acts of rebellion
I have spent the last two days staring at a blank page. Blank, that it, but for the title at the top – ‘What next?’. I set out to explore options for the independence movement now that the opportunity offered by the 2021 Scottish Parliament election has been squandered. It was an opportunity for Scotland’s … Continue reading What next?
This morning online, Westminster journalists are making it *pretty* clear that anything less than an SNP majority will not be seen as a mandate for indyref2 The National Election Live Blog We always knew this. Or should I say, this was always knowable. If somebody didn’t know it, this could only be because they had … Continue reading ‘Twas brillig, and the slithy Gove…
If the Yes movement is to march march under one banner it must be a banner that everybody is prepared to march under. It must be a banner which concisely expresses our common cause. It must be a banner which purposefully excludes all subsidiary causes. Causes which, forgivably in most cases, seek to hitch a ride on the cause of restoring Scotland's independence and in doing so hamper and hinder...
It may be interesting to speculate how different our media would be if they adopted that as their motto. When you claim to be speaking truth unto power, is it not vital that the truth you speak be as impeccable as human fallibility will allow?
The SNP has no intention of moving to resolve the constitutional issue with the urgency which Salmond at least recognises. But the notion that Alba will be in any position to force the pace is fantastical. There almost certainly won't be a supermajority and there definitely won't be a supermajority that works the way Alba claims it will. The reality is that regardless of how many seats Alba Party...
I try not to grudge Alba Party supporters the excitement they feel. But I do resent their tendency to castigate as trolls, Tories and traitors anyone who doesn't share that feeling. The adrenaline jolt of political battle is harmless so long as it doesn't come at significant cost to rationality. For all too many Alba Party supporters that cost has evidently been very significant indeed.
The cold, hard political reality is that only the SNP is placed to provide the effective political power that Scotland's cause absolutely requires.
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