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Long before the coronavirus pandemic I had grown uncomfortable with the traditional handshake greeting. My discomfort only being aggravated by the fact that it was so difficult to avoid. And to forsake. The urge to shake hands on meeting friends and acquaintances or being introduced to new people is almost primal. It is close to … Continue reading Handshake no more
I am pretty sure I’ve put this question to Robbie Mochrie before. I’ve certainly asked it of others who talk of selling independence on the basis of some gleaming vision of Scotland’s future as an independent nation. When you “explain clearly what will change with independence” what will you say to those who instead of … Continue reading The...
In her column in The National today Joanna Cherry makes an important point. It is a point that I have been trying to drive home for what seems like many decades – but is really just the one. The name of the British Prime Minister is of no consequence and neither is the name of … Continue reading It’s the Union, stupid!
I hear AUOB is calling for a “emergency” march in Glasgow next Saturday. If I were to attend this event how would I signal which of the things listed as the reasons for the march I’m demonstrating about? I don’t give a damn about Boris Johnson. Removing him might allow some shallow-minded people to feel … Continue reading I’ll march for Scotland’s cause
I recently intimated my intention to migrate this blog to a site to give more flexibility – and to avoid the subscription fee. Like so many of my projects, this has come to nothing. I set up the new site without difficulty. But it proved impossible to migrate any of the content. With … Continue reading Still here
It’s not easy to simultaneously lower expectations while keeping hopes high. I’m not at all sure Nicola Sturgeon has carried it off. There is no doubt that this was what she was attempting in the Scotland Tonight interview reported by The National. She now says she intends “to do everything that’s within my power to … Continue reading Hopes and expectations
That Toni Giugliano is an idiot has already been established. But it seems that his earlier remarks fomenting division in the independence movement by defining exclusive and excluded categories was not as I had supposed an utterance born of careless idiocy, but a statement of quite deliberate idiocy. In this report from The Sunday National, … Continue reading By invitation only
If there is one thing on which you might find general agreement among the sundry factions and cliques which are all that remain of the Yes movement it is that Philippa Whitford MP is wonderful. A few might balk at ‘wonderful’. But far fewer would dispute the claim that she is among the brightest stars … Continue reading Plan and purpose
I note in passing that, as I write, there are nearly 70 comments on The National’s report of what Chris Hanlon said and a mere half dozen on his actual statement. I’ve an idea this tells us something interesting about the way people consume media messages. But that is a thought to be pursued elsewhere. … Continue reading Hanlon’s error
Not for the first time I must express my admiration for Kirsty Strickland. Her column in The National yesterday (SNP MSP Karen Adam is telling a simple truth about sexual predators) was thoughtful and thought-provoking. She a made a solid point about a sensitive subject and did so without resorting to emotive language. When an … Continue reading Do we take rape too seriously?
That’s it! However it was for you, the holiday is over. Unless you celebrate Chinese New Year, of course. In which case you have February 1 to look forward to. I don’t. Although it’s always a delight to watch the Lantern Festival procession as it passes under the windows of our flat here in Perth. … Continue reading Back to the grind
With considerable justification, I may be accused of overusing the word ‘idiot’. I hold up my virtual hands. I do use the term a lot. Two possible reasons for this come immediately to mind. It could be that I lack the vocabulary which would allow me to ring the changes with alternatives. The English language … Continue reading Here be idiots
Being honest, all I am able to offer by way of a seasonal felicitation is the hope that 2022 is no more than half as bad as I anticipate. If it turns out as I expect then many of us will be looking back with nostalgic fondness at the last couple of years. It would … Continue reading Wishing you a survivable 2022
Contrary to an assertion made in an exchange on Facebook, it is surpassingly easy to “judge the idea of Alba”. Once you rid yourself of the fantasy politics and deal with the reality, that is. It’s only clinging to the fantasy that prevents someone seeing that reality. And, perhaps more importantly, recognising and accepting the … Continue reading A mire of fantasy
This article is published at the precise moment of the Winter Solstice – 2021.December 21 15:59. The moment at which winter officially begins. The moment at which the old year – battered and bruised from the impact of events; bowed and buckled under the weight of its history; worn and weary from its 365-day sojourn … Continue reading A wish for all seasons
For years I’ve written about little else but Scottish politics and more specifically the constitutional issue. Of late, I have become increasingly persuaded that this is now a pointless exercise. I have nothing new to say and nobody is listening anyway. I have tried always to present a particular if not a unique perspective. I … Continue reading Time for a change
It occasionally happens that in sheer exasperation I write something which on reflection says more than I intended. And is more true than I supposed. Or should I perhaps say, contains truths that I wasn’t consciously aware of. Over the last 24 hours or so – although not continuously – I have been involved in … Continue reading Fade to black
As one of those ‘Yes bloggers’ held in such high-handed contempt by Scotland’s judicial establishment (Lady Dorrian), such sneering scorn by Scotland’s media establishment (David Leask) and such intellect-crippling loathing by Scotland’s political establishment (Pete Wishart), I confess to a certain swelling of the heart when my analysis is validated by an...
I detest Alister Jack. More even than Boris Johnson, Jack epitomises – to my mind at least – all that is vile about British Nationalism in Scotland. Boris is the enemy at the gate. Jack is the worm-tongued agent of that enemy within the walls. There is a certain character type – someone who will … Continue reading A wolf in wolf’s clothing
Mentions of Groundhog Day (the movie) are now as commonplace and cliché as references to Orwell’s 1984 or Animal Farm. Writers looking to spice a piece with a sprinkling of literary allusion might well want to avoid something so old hat. But the allusions noted only get to be old hat because they are now … Continue reading Ye Olde SNP
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