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This week Andy Wightman MSP introduced a new bill to the Scottish Parliament which would incorporate the European Charter of Local Self-Government into Scots law.

The Charter is based on the principal that decisions should be made by the authorities closest to the citizens they affect, only being passed up to regional or national authorities where the local option is not possible or as efficient....
| | T O M O R R O W | | Does democracy have a price tag? Free Public Workshop #2: Loki on the Politics of Poverty. 12-2 @ Oban Communities Trust - The Rockfield Centre. … Free lunch included (suitable for vegans).
What're you doing this weekend? You're coming to see Loki talk poverty and democracy, of course! Sunday 12-2 at The Rockfield Centre. We'll even throw in lunch!
Free Public Workshop #2: Loki on the Politics of Poverty
T O N I G H T // 7-9 PM @ THE ROCKFIELD CENTRE Not sure what it's all about? Come see what's going on!
T O M O R R O W The current system of doing local democracy isn't working, but why? What are the alternatives? How can we make ourselves heard? How can we use the power we have as citizens? These are just some of the topics we will be investigating during our summer lecture series. First up: Direct Democracy and Direct Action. We live in a system of representative democracy, where we vote every so...
How do we change things for the better? What is direct democracy? What is direct action? Join us this Sunday at Oban Communities Trust - The Rockfield Centre. All welcome - there's even a free lunch!
Free Public Workshop : Direct democracy & Direct action See details below of 'Sparking Progress Event' to be held in Campbeltown on Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th June 2017. Book now on Eventbrite! -
For assistance with accommodation and to discuss travel...
Are you headed to Dundee on Saturday? Stacey will be there, speaking about the work we have been doing and alternatives to the status quo of remote, impersonal local decision making structures. If you’re there, say hello! If not, it will hopefully be recorded. There are only a few spaces left for the Amplify Our Democracy showcase in Dundee this Saturday. We're delighted to be joined by...
In case you missed our latest Oban Times column, here it is!"This place is ours, you work for us, and we want to see what you are up to."Why have our local councillors not all supported this? Do they not believe in transparency? Were they lying at hustings?
Robin McAlpine talks about the upcoming Local Democracy Bill and more 'local' might also mean less democratic of its not done right.The current system isn't fit for purpose, but we need to be very careful what we replace it with. That's why we do what we do.CommonSpace columnist and Common Weal director Robin McAlpine says a centralised system steamrolling over local empowerment is destined to...
At our hustings the people of Oban and surrounds overwhelmingly supported live streaming of council meetings, and the Cllrs in attendance all agreed with us,One of those Cllrs has started a petition asking our council to start doing just that. You can find it here: Call to broadcast all Council and...
Oban FM will be chatting about what The People's Council are up to shortly - tune in between 6 and 6:30pm :)
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