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The Orkney News is a community based, not for profit, free to view online newspaper bringing the alternative news to Orkney.
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Fresh westerly winds easing in the afternoon. Maximum temperature 6 °C.
Orkney Shellfish Hatchery has successfully released 500 advanced lobster juveniles directly onto the seabed at the Churchill Barriers.
Once you find the mincemeat pie recipe that hits the spot it's hard to get past it, this one Iv'e reached through much trial and error.
"Though at the time, we didn’t know that it was. "
The model, available to view on Sketchfab, allows virtual visitors an immersive digital experience of the Neolithic settlement, including the opportunity to gain virtual access to House 7
The cumulative total of Covid cases in Orkney is now at 931 as 8 new positive tests were recorded in the Health Board area.
Northerly winds easing this morning. Maximum temperature 3 °C.
"Since Bikeability Scotland began in 2010, over 350,000 pupils have received cycle training, giving the next generation the skills and confidence to travel by bike, feel healthier and help tackle the climate emergency.” David Collins, Bikeability Scotland Manager
"I pledge to continue to advocate for inclusive long-term strategies and support. "
"More than two million children receive our life-changing meals every school day"
Orkney Constituency MSP, Liam McArthur, LibDem has commented on the "important progress" which has been made to local arrangements that have allowed adult survivors of rape and sexual assault to access forensic assessments in the islands.
"My friend also took a Lateral Flow Test which, thankfully, was negative.  But, as apparently they‘re not always 100% correct, he’s also staying home and doing a test every day for a week"
The cumulative total of Covid cases in Orkney is now at 923 as 10 new positive test results were recorded in the Health Board area.
"I was struck by the way they reported the story. “Some of the worst damage and power outages are in Aberdeenshire - in the north of Scotland”."
A bitterly cold day with northerly winds strengthening through the day. Maximum temperature 3 °C.
"I am happy to say the second season not only did not disappoint but I’d say is better than the original."
Police Scotland recorded 65,251 incidents of domestic abuse in 2020-21, an increase of 4% compared to the previous year.
The largest comet ever discovered, was active long before previously thought.
The £250,000 power station was 154 feet long  and 79 feet wide. Constructed by Orkney Builders using local stone and reclaiming land from the Peedie Sea, it would be powered by diesel oil.
"I was playing that game where you choose 6 people you would like to have round a table to talk – usually it’s meant to be a dinner party – but I’m not a dinner party sorta person!"
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