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Time after time the opposition in the Scottish parliament opens its mouth to criticise the Scottish government for things that its own government in England are doing. We know most recently, of course, that DRoss and co have been whining about how long it took for the Scottish government to fix the power cables that … Continue reading "WHY ARE THE SCOTTISH TORIES SO STUPID?"
I shamelessly pinched all of these from Russ Jones’ Twitter account. So I feel obliged to add this… which is about his new book. For more details, and some jokes about Priti Patel, Gavin Williamson and Boris Johnson that will make your gums bleed, this is available for pre-order. You have no idea how much … Continue reading "HER MAJESTERIALNESS’S MINISTERS IN GLOBAL...
Sheila McKenzie Welsh Cybernat  @Welsh_Cyber_Nat·3h So @WelshLabour have been quiet after Keith confirmed Labour is the party of middle England. What about Wales? Comments indy folk! 18. Also, I’m wondering where that leaves Scots… I know when Sir Starmer uses the term “Middle England”, he means the average person in Britain. It’s an understandable error...
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MEANWHILE, ON A DIFFERENT PLANET… ruth wishart@ruth_wishart Thinking back to last Christmas and how none of us did what we would have normally, it’s clear the PM thought yet again that rules are for the little people, not the likes of him. John Malcolm McMenemy@AberJohnnyReplying to @ruth_wishart and @ron_mould last Xmas day my father died, … Continue reading "ONE RULE...
(AND SOME VERY CHEERING NEWS) Masks, which have remained obligatory in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (not to mention most of Europe) in most indoor situations, have once against become obligatory in England. And you would think that the world had come to an end. More than 20 Tory MPs voted against their government’s Covid … Continue reading "MASKS…WHAT IS WRONG WITH...
********** I was broken hearted to see Tentsmuir forest yesterday, after the hurricane. Paths I’ve walked for years blocked by fallen trees and parts of the forest practically flattened. At the car park by the river, a tree I’ve sat under and picnicked, down and dead. I picked up some of its cones for Munguin’s … Continue reading "RANDOM THOUGHTS"
What do you call it when a shark, a crocodile, and a giant spider walk into a bar? Another typical day in Australia. 21. A horse walks into a bar: “I’ll have a triple whisky.” Bartender: “Are you an alcoholic?” Horse:  “I don’t think I am.” He promptly vanishes into thin air. This is a … Continue reading "JUST FOR A LAUGH"
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LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I GIVE YOU NICK FLETCHER (Nah, nor me but I’ll look him up for you.) I can, of course, understand, that if you are a male British teenager and you hear that you are not going to be playing James Bond, Luke Skywalker, or even Dr Who, that you must think to … Continue reading "JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT THE TORIES, AFTER LIZ TRUSS, DOMINIC RABB, BORIS JOHNSON AND NADINE...
Just out of interest, can anyone arrange her words into a sentient thought: And, so, though, it’s (or its), yeah, and, that. Answers on a postcard, the winner to receive a week in the Clyde Tunnel with Jackie Baillie. FYI: Unlike the BBC, Channel 4 receives no public funding. It is funded entirely by its own … Continue reading "THERE NOW FOLLOWS A MINISTERIAL STATEMENT FROM THE...
Yep, I can see why the Tories voted for this. It will leave them more money to buy a peerage. The thing is, once you get that blood transfusion and you become Noble, your view on so many things changes. After all, what is £1 500 per annum to the average aristocrat who can collect … Continue reading "LEVELLING UP OR, FOR THE ETON/OXFORD BOYS, “ADTRITIO”…HOW EXACTLY DOES...
********** Laura Kuenssberg@bbclaurak · 6hSenior Downing St source says “there is a lot of concern inside the building about the PM….It’s just not working. Cabinet needs to wake up and demand serious changes otherwise it’ll keep getting worse. If they don’t insist, he just won’t do anything about it.” ********** ********** ********** *********** ********** **********
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Ummm! Their “north” all looks a little southern to me! And here we have the equivalent in France, from Brest in the extreme North West, crossing the border into Spain in the South West, to Perpignan and along to the Principality of Monaco. Over to Italy, to Milan, to Genève, Zurich, in Switzerland and to … Continue reading "THERE’S THE GREAT BRITISH RAILWAYS SYSTEM FOR...
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