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This blog contains my opinions around politics and other issues. Please feel free to comment and debate. My opinions are strictly my own. This blog supports Scottish Independence.
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I would not normally get too hot and bothered with the continued revelations of the alleged Christmas Parties last year at Number 10 but it is starting to grate a bit now as it emerges there may have been two … Continue reading →
Neil Mackay has an interesting article in the Herald today and he is actually both right and wrong to be honest. The title is a little misleading as what he is really talking about is the controversial Health and Well … Continue reading →
So this disgusting Tory Government, who we know have no respect for the law that the rest of us have to obey, are planning on allowing Ministers to weaken the power of the courts to overrule decisions by ministers through … Continue reading →
I know this article is from former Tory seat warming MSP Adam Tompkins but to be honest is says a lot about the Tory mindset but also I suspect the mindset of too many people in Scotland, the established order, … Continue reading →
For some reason Facebook locked me out of my original group that I had hoped would encourage more people to talk and be open about any mental health difficulties they may be experiencing, especially men. Anyway the name was not … Continue reading →
One of the reasons I voted for Sharon Graham in the Unite Union Leadership contest was her manifesto commitment to drastically reduce the funding that the Union gave to the Labour Party each year, a party that in my opinion … Continue reading →
There has been a lot of excitement the last 24 hours over the latest Ipsos Mori Poll putting Yes on 55%. The membership of the SNP who don’t have sore knees marching up and down that hill appear to be … Continue reading →
that the delayed Scottish census is now going to cost £117 million pounds when it is eventually held next year. The census should have been held last year, and was in fact held in all other parts of the UK, … Continue reading →
So the SNP Conference is over for another year, by all accounts it was not very well attended as the SNP held another conference online with as little as possibly 500 in attendance. The First Minister noted that she “would … Continue reading →
This is not a typical Grumpy Scottish Man Post so please bare with me on this one. As many of you know I have taken a bit of a step back recently, not really blogged as much as I did … Continue reading →
A survey by YouGov found Sturgeon’s personal approval rating has fallen by 40 points since August last year and now sits at +12 – meaning more respondents said they were impressed with her performance than those who said they were … Continue reading →
So had my save of the things that caught the eye on social media today that I thought I would share with you as most people avoid social media like the plague and who can blame them. Let’s start with … Continue reading →
The Disgusting Tory Party have passed the most dangerous piece of legislation that I can think of in the last 20 years. The Health and Care Bill makes some dangerous subtle changes and outright scary changes in England. One of … Continue reading →
Part way through the latest article by Kevin McKenna he asks a very good question, one that new media have asked a few times over the last few months, if not years, regarding the level of governance of the current … Continue reading →
I have now caught up with the latest Marvel Movies and thought I would give my impression of them without giving too much away, I hope 🙂 Black Widow (2021) The prequal story for Black Widow starring Scarlett Johansson, William … Continue reading →
A story that should be front page news but won’t even register in the poor and vulnerable hating UK is the exclusive by Chaminda Jayanetti that Universal Credit sanctions have risen by 14,000 in just 3 months. As Chaminda points … Continue reading →
So with Nickla welcoming John Paul Marks to the role of Permanent Secretary to the Scottish Government we have went from incompetence to abject cruelty in one fair swoop with this appointment. While the First Minister gets provided with a … Continue reading →
Social media as we know can be an echo chamber of various views but I as I have noted before I am a bit of a fan of Twitter and last night a few things caught my eye that I … Continue reading →
If only the Scottish Government and the SNP were as obsessed with independence and services, fighting poverty, funding local government properly, sorting out the mess that is the Scottish NHS, fixing education, improving the economy, you know that long list … Continue reading →
This is the second guest post ever on Grumpy Scottish Man so huge thanks and a huge welcome to Panda Paws for taking the time to write a blog, for this blog. As the last time I will approve comments … Continue reading →
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