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This blog contains my opinions around politics and other issues. Please feel free to comment and debate. My opinions are strictly my own. This blog supports Scottish Independence.
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Joanna Cherry: Unionists shouldn’t be so confident about stopping indyref2 – You can read the full article HERE and it is an interesting read. Joanna states in the article that “I have long argued that we should test the argument … Continue reading →
What Starmer does is highlight how far we have fallen – I accept I am totally naïve when it comes to politics and what I expect from politicians. There is an interesting article in the Morning Star about Keir Starmers … Continue reading →
While welcome is it enough, or does it just highlight our colonial status – First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has resumed the resilience committee of the Scottish Government which will now meet on a weekly basis as we face what might … Continue reading →
Are they really afraid or is it just part of the game – An interesting article appeared today in the Evening Standard and it kinda got me wondering if the unionists are actually afraid, or it is just part of … Continue reading →
Thinking about today’s blog led to feelings of betrayal – When writing about Davidson and her threat about coming out of retirement from the House of Lords it got me thinking about the proposed plebiscite election in possibly 2024. Sturgeon … Continue reading →
Em shitting myself – Former Scottish Tory Branch Manager, and darling of the Scottish right, Ruth Davidson is threatening to come out of retirement from her role in the House of Lords (Dead) to “stand up to Sturgeon”, she said: … Continue reading →
Sometimes they just disgust me to be honest – I tend to switch between all the news channels to be honest. Sky News is pretty bad, BBC News is terrible for a lot of reasons, Channel 4 News can have … Continue reading →
Whatever happened to this?  31st July 2021 Police Scotland launched a formal investigation into the SNP’s finances after receiving complaints about how donations to the party were used. Questions had been raised about funds given to the party for use … Continue reading →
This is the type of thing that just pisses me off no end – Some things grate on me no end, both with my own employers and with political parties in government. You know when a promoted post becomes available … Continue reading →
Thanks to Iain Lawson (Yours for Scotland) for tweeting this – I thought this was worth blogging about as I have been blogging for a while now that from people I know and chat to all is not as well … Continue reading →
Maybe if she has her cushy job at the UN or Stonewall – So Angus MacNeil thinks that Nicola Sturgeon could resign if she loses the Supreme Court case to force a Holyrood Election. The ploy would need the First … Continue reading →
Warped pish, please excuse the language –  Sometimes you read an article by someone you haven’t heard of and you just know they are from the colonising nation that has pretty much enslaved your country, well this article fits the … Continue reading →
2083 Food Banks in the UK in 2019, there are 2572 in 2022 –  I was thinking about this the other day when hearing from a person I was talking to that there were more food banks in the UK … Continue reading →
It doesn’t take a genius – to figure out that Scotland becoming independent would see significant change in our colony for the better,  and let’s be honest here what is there not to like about that altogether unlikely scenario. Allan … Continue reading →
When you rely on your colonisers for pocket money what do you expect – Most of the time I see these headlines I just accept this is the usual hit at the Scottish SNP Government from a unionist rag not … Continue reading →
Is this where we are at – I used to blog that I thought those in favour of YES wouldn’t shift until people were hungry and cold, and on the streets, obviously us Scots are made of stronger stuff and … Continue reading →
Their opinions don’t really matter but their delusion might – So Truss and Sunak are spouting off again about the issue of Scottish independence, I don’t know why they are all that bothered as it’s not happening anytime soon anyway … Continue reading →
Keir Starmer is definitely The Hollow Man, he stands for nothing. Starmer was elected leader of the Labour Party on the basis of 10 pledges to maintain some of the Corbyn legacy that attracted over 100,000 members to the Labour Party. … Continue reading →
Poverty is endemic in Scotland – While poverty fell for a little while in Scotland it has been on the rise again in recent years. Nearly one million Scots, including children, are living in poverty. Warrant sales in the 80’s … Continue reading →
18:19 Interesting numbers that raise an interesting question – The SNP National Executive Committee, following instruction from Nicole Sturgeon, have instructed the SNP to submit an application to intervene in the Scottish Government’s Supreme Court case on an independence referendum. … Continue reading →
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