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This blog contains my opinions around politics and other issues. Please feel free to comment and debate. My opinions are strictly my own. This blog supports Scottish Independence.
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Re-writing history or delusion – I read an interesting article that for myself just sums up British exceptionalism. Daniel Hannan, who it is fair to say was very much of the right of the Tory Party, appears to be upset … Continue reading →
The stain on our history – No surprises here that the report by James Hamilton into Nicola Sturgeon’s role in the Alex Salmond harassment inquiry will remain confidential and heavily redacted, The independent report into Nicola Sturgeon’s conduct around the … Continue reading →
Will the SNP join the discussion – The Alba Party are to hold a special conference on Saturday 10th December in Perth, open to everyone titled “How to put Scotland’s Future Back in Scotland’s Hands – ALBA’s Way Forward” does … Continue reading →
I’ve had a few emails, texts, and conversations following my recent blogs which I accept have been glass half empty blogs. The blog regarding Scotland resulting in some interesting conversations and a few people asking if I am ok, I … Continue reading →
Not often I agree with an arch unionist – Sadly a man I loathed when he was an MSP, Adam Tomkins of the Tory Party, has an article today that I sadly think has a lot of merit. Tomkins notes … Continue reading →
Do we even have the right to call Scotland our country anymore – That is a question that I have been asking myself a lot the last few months.  According to the criteria of sovereignty, no other country should have … Continue reading →
More unionist rubbish – what is it with unionists that they are so determined to make life as difficult as they can for Scotland, I was tempted to say their country, but Scotland is just not their country is it. … Continue reading →
If there is something – that gets right on my tits it is the delicate flowers who report on the independence debate and seem to have a problem with strong words. I mean come on, even the late great Robin … Continue reading →
I don’t often agree with Nicola Sturgeon but –  I think she is right in a lot of ways when she says “The myth that the United Kingdom is a voluntary union of nations has been comprehensively – and permanently … Continue reading →
Here I am waking up this morning to the realisation that everyone born in Scotland after 1707 is English, there is no Scotland. Scotland died in 1707, it ceased to exist, it is no more. Yeah, we wear Kilts to … Continue reading →
Now that is out of the way – can we get on with a proper strategy for independence that does not appease the unionists or treat the yes movement as if it is thick as shit. As expected, the Supreme … Continue reading →
I hadn’t read anything by Stephen Daisley or in The Spectator for a while, in fact I had forgotten he was a thing, but The Spectator have gone all protect BBC Scotland the last couple of days and Daisley has … Continue reading →
The answer is Yes, they have – Open Democracy have an interesting article today and it is hard not to agree with their assessment of the current situation we find ourselves in as far as independence goes. They point out … Continue reading →
Sadly, this might be true – It appears SNP Westminster Leader Ian (Blahford) Blackford has beaten off a potential challenge to his lack of leadership from Stephen Fynn SNP MP. Blackford the friend of Tories, the arm grabber of Penny Mordaunt, … Continue reading →
Not often I agree with anything written in the Hootsmon but this article is spot on. While I am not as excited as many are about Wednesday it could be a day of reckoning for the Unionists, and the wider … Continue reading →
Did the Tories just win the next General Election? It is clear that we are all going to feel more pain as far as our wages, standard of living, and public services are concerned, that is clear for anyone to … Continue reading →
      First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said in Feb 2020 she intended to invite Scotland’s ‘elected representatives’ to ‘come together to endorse a modern Claim of Right for Scotland through a new Constitutional Convention’ to: ‘declare that it is … Continue reading →
Is it time to have a discussion about immigration, an honest one – Two subjects that I have tended to not cover all that much have been immigration and gender reform. Mainly due to the fact that I cannot be … Continue reading →
Watching the excellent Prism today, and reading the various blogs, apart from Scot Goes Pop and the yearly fall out with Wings Over Scotland entertainment, I just felt that we are going around in circles, we are repeating the same … Continue reading →
I was going to do my usual wee skiffy at the news, but does anyone really care anymore – The Tories have f up the economy and are going to make the poor pay for it. Nothing new there is there, … Continue reading →
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