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This blog contains my opinions around politics and other issues. Please feel free to comment and debate. My opinions are strictly my own. This blog supports Scottish Independence.
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How long until the unionist takeover is complete – and the name of the party is changed. We know that Sturgeon didn’t like the National in Scottish National Party and the first small step could be about to take place … Continue reading →
The latest Joseph Rowntree Foundation Report – shows that 490,000 people in Scotland the colony are living in deep poverty, an increase of 300,000 since March of this year. Almost three-quarters of families in this category had at least one … Continue reading →
Through a Scottish Prism is well worth a watch and I rarely miss an episode. I totally respect Roddy, Eva, Yvonne, Lloyd, and Phil and appreciate their experience and insight. I also agree with much of what they have to … Continue reading →
I’ve never had much faith in our justice system, the Courts, or the Police since I was a teenager – but this legislation being put forward by the increasingly out-of-touch British SNP is actually frightening. PEOPLE accused of rape or … Continue reading →
We have to start thinking about this –  we might even have to go further to end our colonial status, but it can only happen if we can convince enough voters to support YES. Jim Fairlie makes some good points … Continue reading →
Hypocrisy is the big killer of politics in our colony – and the SNP just never learn. The EU, the Harassment Enquiry, Indy Ref 2, GRR to name a few. All parties are it and the hypocrisy is not a … Continue reading →
The Scotsman is a rag but they do make an obvious point – and I am asking myself, is Independence dead or on life support right now but the simple fact remains Scotland will never become an independent country if … Continue reading →
The Unionists tell us that the independence referendum was divisive – well this debate around gender has resulted in politicians, or some of them, losing their minds. Maybe even their sanity, certainly they desrve to lose their political careers. I … Continue reading →
I used to argue that – once people were starving and cold in the colony that would tip the balance towards yes/ Obviously that view has changed as the amount of abuse and deprivation that colonized Scots are willing to … Continue reading →
Surprise surprise, I didn’t get an answer – British Labour are not the answer to any question in the colony at any time ever. I can only hope that the voters in Rutherglen can see past their lies, their empty … Continue reading →
I won’t miss her and she never spoke for the colony – if anything she was complicit in entrenching the colony even more. Now I was never a huge fan of Mhairi Black either way, I accept that she gave … Continue reading →
In the colony and the land of the colonizers – the Courts and the Judges are now ensuring that only certain voices can be heard. judges banning those on trial from explaining the context and motivation for their actions, people … Continue reading →
I love the colonizer media some days I really do – I saw this and just had a good old chuckle. Now you just know what is coming and sure as fate you can find the bible of unionism in … Continue reading →
Poverty is what the unionists have done since 1707 for the majority in the colony and a huge part in how they maintain control over us and our assets. Colonization led to poverty in the colonized countries due to exploitation, … Continue reading →
You can tell that from today there are only 100 days until Christmas – when this garbage starts to appear again all over the place. Now I like shortbread, I really do. I only buy it at Christmas and New … Continue reading →
It’s only Round One – we really haven’t even gotten started yet so the unionists believing that they have killed off the debate need to think again. Hear that? It’s the sound of silence. Earlier this summer, talk of an … Continue reading →
I didn’t watch the match last night – but McCoist needs to grow up. Now I wouldn’t boo an anthem but I have a little sympathy with those that did. England using the so-called British anthem as their own has … Continue reading →
This for me is about keeping us in our place – The unelected heads of state who have ruled in our colony are all about power, and class. The language used, the forced mourning last year in particular from the … Continue reading →
Kevin McKenna not far wrong today – If there is one thing, other than the destruction of independence pretty much for years, the Alex Salmond stitch-up, the millions lost in court cases, the ferries, GRR, Hate Crime Bill, alleged financial … Continue reading →
India and China – can maybe point out to Sunak that hundreds of thousands in the UK are going hungry, and maybe, he needs to worry about that rather than try and find some degree of relevance in the world, … Continue reading →
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