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This blog contains my opinions around politics and other issues. Please feel free to comment and debate. My opinions are strictly my own. This blog supports Scottish Independence.
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  Arrogant Bastards v Useless Bastards v Stupid Bastards –  Please excuse the language in the title of this post but I just cannot believe the arrogance of some of these people today at all. There were 16 illegal events … Continue reading →
Teflon is a name we have been used to hear from our childhood as it is an important element used in non-stick cookware utensils.  Teflon utensils doesn’t even begin to describe how much just does not stick to the leaders … Continue reading →
Ease the Squeeze but only for the elected – Richard Lockhart, SNP Employment Minister, has urged workers to be “sensible” when asking for a pay rise. Ease the Squeeze was the SNP Mantra in the local elections along with the … Continue reading →
It all sounds like a Scottish utopia but the reality is very different – Now is the time WOW, If now is the time to start the debate on Scottish independence after 7 years then we should expect the next … Continue reading →
    Munguin’s New Republic wrote an excellent article yesterday about the creeping fascism that is slowly but surely taking over the UK, pretty much the over arching agenda of the Conservative Party and current Westminster (English) Government. Well the … Continue reading →
But they are not wrong are they – It’s Chris Deerin I know but I have to say I agree with him when it comes to Ian Blackford SNP Leader at Westminster. Deerin notes that it has become something of … Continue reading →
In response to what next? Ian Lawson wrote a very sobering blog yesterday what next that just made me consider how I have been feeling about where we are right now in Scotland, and how I feel about independence in … Continue reading →
Some toilet stains even vanish can’t shift – MPs rejected a wind fall tax on energy companies by 310 votes to 248, and not one Tory MP backed it. Surprise surprise, scumbag Tory MP’s voted against a windfall tax that could … Continue reading →
A step in the right direction – Only 45% of Scots want to retain the Windsor’s as the Head of State, for myself that is a positive step forward. This survey also found that only 48% of people in Scotland … Continue reading →
This national disgrace warrants a resignation and it should be the First Minister – I won’t pretend to know as much about this disaster as Yours For Scotland but I know that the more that comes out about this national … Continue reading →
From Salmond to Inde Ref what is she hiding?  Another story emerges regarding the lack of information that comes out of the Scottish Government, why am I not surprised. It appears that Nicola Sturgeon and other Government Ministers have not … Continue reading →
Assholes –  I appreciate most of you will have seen this headline already this week but it just really grates on me full stop. Tory scumbag MP Lee Anderson claimed that “the UK has no “massive use for food banks” … Continue reading →
Pomp and Piss – So yesterday the powerful and the sycophants rolled out the gold and all the pomp, the dead animal robes, the bought for titles, and the Windsor’s to remind us all of our place in the so … Continue reading →
So here is another part of my thinking the last couple of days. The list is not exhaustive in any shape or form, please feel free to add what you feel the priorities are moving forward. The Alba Party – … Continue reading →
Quiet Reflection Part One –  Well another set of elections have come and gone and while disappointing in some ways I have been thinking about where do we go from here? So here are some of my thoughts, please feel … Continue reading →
Despite what the so called movie critics said –  No spoilers and despite what the critics have said Dr.Strange 2 is not bad at all, yes you have to concentrate to follow it and it has special effects that are … Continue reading →
My predictions weren’t far off sadly –  Well another set of elections have come and gone and my predictions weren’t too far off sadly in some ways. Didn’t really see the SNP increasing their number of seats or Alba losing … Continue reading →
Sometimes I’m just lucky –  I walk every day in all weathers and mostly first thing in the morning around 5.30am to 7.00am depending on the time of year. I try to take a few photos each time I go … Continue reading →
More carrot dangling to get votes, GMS is not an anti-Sturgeon blog – nah maybe it now is –  So First Minister Nicola sturgeon gave an interview to the SNP fanzine The National and this involved yet more carrot dangling … Continue reading →
        Sturgeon just can’t be serious, she really is a yoon now – I have never really been convinced that First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was the yoon that many in the yes community suspected her of being … Continue reading →
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