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This blog contains my opinions around politics and other issues. Please feel free to comment and debate. My opinions are strictly my own. This blog supports Scottish Independence.
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I have been finding it more difficult to motivate myself to stay up to date this last couple of weeks due to both personal issues that I am dealing with and the simple fact that I totally agree with Alba … Continue reading →
Duran Duran Future Past (2021) There are not many things I really look forward to but a new Duran Duran album has always been one of them since 1981 when I first got into the band, which were to become … Continue reading →
“What’s puzzling about the UK Government’s implacable refusal to entertain a second independence referendum is that they might never have a better chance of winning it. Though the stakes would be high, the rewards for this most English of Prime … Continue reading →
The constitutional debate dominates Scottish politics and has for a long time now but following social media, and the news over the last 12 hours alone, has been an eye opener to the pressure that is building on the Scottish … Continue reading →
    Like many people, but certainly not all, I have started to become immune to the Covid-19 daily stats but seeing them today showed me that not only are we still in the midst of a very serious pandemic … Continue reading →
The right to remove your labour is a fundamental right that all workers have but few actually use in the UK for a wide variety of reasons, mostly these reasons are that compromise has been reached and common ground found, … Continue reading →
I would like to welcome the very first ever guest post on Grumpy Scottish Man Blog by LornCal. I will be approving the comments but not replying to them for this essay but please do feel free to comment and … Continue reading →
YES was one of the most striking visual signs during the 2014 Referendum on Scottish Independence. it stood out well, it felt positive, it belonged it seemed to the wider movement and was something that we could all get behind … Continue reading →
When I go for my morning walk, or sometimes if I am working from home, I have got into the habit of listening to some podcasts. A few I have been listening to for some time and some I have … Continue reading →
I am pretty much convinced now that the SNP are a real danger to independence and our cause moving forward with their Duke of York strategy to moving the debate forward. Ian Blackford MP, SNP Westminster Leader, tweeted this the … Continue reading →
The anti Alba Party agenda caught my eye again last night on Twitter as it involved someone who I used to enjoy reading a lot around 2014 when Newsnet Scotland was a site worth a daily visit before it went … Continue reading →
What voice would this be? This story is trending again on social media tonight as it was a couple of years ago when the Tories first suggested their latest gerrymandering to the electoral system that would see them gain 10 … Continue reading →
I enjoy Twitter, I appreciate that it is a bit of an echo chamber in many ways but it can be useful, as well as, rubbish and full of conspiracy theory crap but I was having a wee look last … Continue reading →
The world feels like it has gone mad. I am really starting to ask is it just me that is getting frustrated with the beliefs of the politically correct being pushed in our faces more and more every day. I … Continue reading →
THE Scotland Office will not say whether it considers Scotland a nation, as criticism over an “extremely sinister revelation” by a UK minister grows. The Governor General of Scotland and Scotland Secretary Alister Jack Tory MP wrote  “I am no … Continue reading →
    The Poverty in Scotland 2021 Report is something that should shame every single politician in Scotland, and in the UK, but some more than others. Poverty is increasing in Scotland and has been since at least 2010 reaching … Continue reading →
So First Minister Nicola Sturgeon believes she has time on her side in the Independence debate, fair enough, many others don’t. The First Minister told the times that it would be unthinkable of Boris Johnstone to continue to deny another … Continue reading →
Scotland is a colony when the courts in another country can strike down laws made in our very own democratically elected parliament. The English (UK) Supreme Court has struck down the following legislation passed by the Scottish Parliament as being … Continue reading →
The Governor General of Scotland, Scottish Secretary and Tory Alistair Jack MP, has come up with a whopper tonight. In his humble coloniser mantra he has decided that a referendum on Scottish independence can only be held after 25 years … Continue reading →
This is the result of that no vote in 2014. Rishi Sunak sparked fury by dismissing the genuine fears of those who will be hit hardest by the cut to Universal Credit that both himself and Boris Johnson refuse to … Continue reading →
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