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‘Indeed the court went out of its way to rule that Scotland has no right to self-determination, and is utterly dependent on the voting choices of England in order to be ‘allowed’ to revisit the question of its relationship with the other nations of the British state.’
UK Govt wrecking Scotland’s economy

“The evidence we present here shows the real loss of Brexit, the overall competitiveness of the UK as a global trader," researchers say.
Supreme Court's indyref2 judgment won't stop independence

AROUND 5 o’clock on August 17, 2021, a group of 20 protesters “seized” Edinburgh Castle. When questioned, the group asserted public ownership…
Rishi Sunak ‘losing control’ amid Tory rebellions on energy, housing and migration

The Prime Minister will attempt to relaunch his premiership in the coming days with a number of key policy announcements and crunch decisions
Brexit has worsened shortage of NHS doctors, analysis shows

Exclusive: More than 4,000 European medics have chosen not to work in NHS since Britain left EU, data reveals
UK government spends £1.3 million of taxpayer's money on sculpture for Rishi Sunak’s garden

It sparked a cost-of-living row at a time when the country is struggling through soaring inflation, mounting household bills, cost-cutting measures across public funding
We think it’s the UK Government which is unaffordable.

The £billions of your taxes which have disappeared into a failed track and trace system and dodgy PPE deals are testament to that.

‘Simply isn’t the money’, says transport secretary – who denies blocking deal to avoid more rail strikes
UK in decline: exports to Japan slump after ‘landmark’ free trade deal

First such accord after leaving EU was predicted to bring £15bn boost but UK now lags rivals
Indyref2 ruling ‘very problematic’, constitution expert says

THE Supreme Court’s rejection of the argument that Scotland has the right to self-determination in international law is “very problematic”,…
UK Supreme Court's independence referendum ruling effectively says that because Scotland is not a colony, it can be treated like one – Joyce McMillan

The main surprise about Wednesday’s Supreme Court ruling on a future Scottish independence referendum is that it was so decisive.
Life Sciences: Scotland’s sector building a global presence

Internationalisation is key to the country’s future economic prosperity, and life sciences – with support from the Scottish Government’s enterprise and development agencies – is making significant inroads in overseas markets, writes Ivan McKee

Internationalisation is key to the country’s future economic prosperity, and life...
Scottish ship building will flourish, not fail, after independence

AMID widespread travel disruption last week, the Scottish Affairs Committee was convened in Westminster with a skeleton contingent of three MPs…
Nicola Sturgeon will lead Scotland to independence, Brian Cox says

FIRST Minister Nicola Sturgeon is the “genuine article” who will lead Scotland to independence, award-winning actor Brian Cox has said.
UK Govt corruption is now so commonplace that many no longer bat an eyelid

The Conservative Party’s coffers have been boosted by some of the individuals and firms that have benefitted from public sector deals during the Coronavirus crisis
UK Chancellor lies through his teeth

Chancellor says he does not accept own watchdog’s analysis of a 4 per cent GDP slump
Labour finally get round to noticing this…

MPs across house condemn what one called ‘sickening, shameful’ disclosures about Covid procurement
Dominic Raab: Ministry of Justice 'inundated' with bullying complaints

Dominic Raab faces fresh bullying claims, although he insists he has always "behaved professionally".
Why this supreme court ruling presents an opportunity for Scottish nationalists

"In constitutional terms, what the supreme court ruling says is that the Scottish people and their democratic rights are irrelevant."

The judgment says one thing constitutionally – but it’s a backhanded recognition of the power of popular resistance, says Rory Scothorne, a historian and writer based in Edinburgh
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