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Clyde nuclear base emergency staff to strike from tomorrow over safety fears

EMERGENCY workers at the home of Britain's nuclear weapons on the Clyde are set to strike over "major safety concerns" after managers…
Valneva reports positive results for Covid-19 vaccine – but UK cancelled order

FRENCH pharmaceutical firm Valneva – which is manufacturing vaccines in Scotland – has reported positive results from its Covid-19 trial.
ENFORCEMENT of Scotland’s Covid vaccine passport scheme comes into effect from today.
Carrie and Boris Johnson 'broke lockdown to have a friend stay over for Christmas'

A report claims Boris Johnson and his wife were joined by political campaigner Nimco Ali for the 2020 festive period, despite the PM introducing tough social distancing rules
‘In contrast to the UK, fresh fruit was spilling off the shelves and the fridges looked enticing and plentiful. The Mercado de San Miguel was as pumping and as busy as ever, also unimpeded by staffing or supply issues.’

Long airport queues, well-stocked shelves and the unshakable feeling that this is a...
‘Pounds and ounces’ 🤦‍♀️

Protocol must allow pounds and ounces to be used in the province to prevent a ‘two-speed UK’, warn Tory Brexiteers ahead of EU treaty talks
UK Govt looking to axe 1,700 soldiers in Scotland

Up to 1,700 soldiers could be axed in Scotland as the Ministry of Defence seeks to cut costs and create a leaner army to meet the demands of the cyber era. Thr
UK Govt looking to rig courts to ensure it gets the judgments it wants?

Dominic Raab: I’ll overhaul the Human Rights Act to stop Strasbourg dictating to us

The Justice Secretary says he is devising a way to allow the Government to introduce legislation to 'correct' court judgments
Better Together in Brexit UK

Bare shelves, no holidays… At last, a biblical kind of Christmas

There’s nothing to buy and no chance of going...
Brexit Failure and the Blitz Spirit

In the latest wheeze of the Brexit debacle we’re told that foreign lorry drivers will now be able to make an unlimited number of pick-ups and drop-offs in a fixed period in the UK under chang…
French think Boris Johnson is a ‘populist incapable of keeping his word’, diplomatic sources claim

Source warns of fears UK will ramp up Brexit demands until agreement is ‘impossible’
Facing chaos and needing a scapegoat, the Tories seek an endless fight with Europe

The EU’s proposals on the Northern Ireland protocol offered what business leaders wanted, but the prime...
AN INDEPENDENT Scotland could provide a “fantastic example” of the kind of radical change needed to save the planet, according to leading…
The wife of former health secretary Matt Hancock has this morning been hospitalised after a dangerously prolonged laughing fit following news that the former minister has been unceremoniously and publicly dumped by the UN.
FIRMS hoping to win Scottish Government contracts will now have to pay the real living wage as a commitment from the SNP-Green co-operation…
Westminster boundary changes leave Scots representation slashed

Scots will be left with only 8.8 per cent representation in the House of Commons, the lowest since before at least 1918.
The Queen, Charles and William have hit out at those who are all talk on the climate crisis. One has to wonder who they mean, says Guardian columnist Marina Hyde
Michael Russell: Why the BBC’s treatment of Scotland is an open sore

IN the late 1970s I ran a film and video project in the Western Isles called Cinema Sgire. On our mobile cinema circuit we showed not quite the…
"Imagine if, instead of casually handing £120 million here & there to their mates, the govt actually invested in building proper, long-term, public lab capacity. We could call them, I dunno, NHS labs or something."
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