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EU Citizens For Indy +EU4IndyScot
This group is for all EU citizens of all nationalities who have made Scotland their home
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SCOTTISH independence supporters have taken to the streets of Glasgow showing their support for leaving the Union on the day of the King’s…
Today's Indy March in Glasgow. Well done all marchers!
I suppose they don't need them any more since the Torys are now using UKIP's Manual!
Boris Johnson and Donald Trump Privately Discussed Privatising the NHS according to a new biography of the former Prime Minister.
The Greens have called for an investigation into the Scottish secretary's comments on DRS.
Time to wake up and smell the coffee.
New chair of the European Movement gives surprise backing to Labour’s cautious approach
Trigger Cut from Stuttgart were due to play seven venues in Britain but were turned away at Calais
Put this date in your diaries and tell your friends and fellow Indy supporters! We hope to see many of you there!!! This has got to be a big one!

YESFOREU has announced it will hold a march for independence in Edinburgh on September 2.
Scottish Secretary Alister Jack revealed his department last year spent £1,123,199 on communications staff, who send out press releases and answer journalists’ queries on the work of the Scotland Office.

THE cost to the taxpayer of Scotland Office spin doctors has been revealed amid accusations the department is wasting public money.
This is what the performance of each of Scotland’s 59 constituencies on Bloomberg UK’s Levelling Up Scorecard shows.
Genuinely shocking. They just tell barefaced lies about Europe👇

"Many other countries in Europe send refugees to Rwanda" says ex Tory Chairman

Denmark discussed it, but ditched the plan. NOT A SINGLE OTHER EU COUNTRY IS AS MUCH AS THINKING ABOUT IT

But hey, just lie, eh ? 👇

Jake Berry(Tory MP) - "I'm completely relaxed about people being removed to Rwanda as many other countries around...
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