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EU Citizens For Indy +EU4IndyScot
This group is for all EU citizens of all nationalities who have made Scotland their home
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If your first concern really was the Good Friday Agreement 👇, you wouldn't have imposed a dirty great border somewhere in Ireland with your hard Brexit and conned everyone with your so-called "fantastic" deal !
Stop blaming everyone else for the mess you made ! 👇
"What we're doing is sticking up for the Belfast
Good Friday...
Hoping to see many of you at this march on Saturday! #ScottishIndependence
Remember when P&O ferries terminated the contract of UK staff? Meanwhile, in the Netherlands:
Britain risks sanctions from Europe over plans to water down human rights protections, to be unveiled by Boris Johnson today, an expert on EU law has warned.
“In theory, a British Bill of Rights could be an opportunity to introduce new additional rights, such as the right to a healthy environment which is currently being debated by the Council of Europe.

“But there aren’t any proposals for...
NHS england has got an expiry date!
Happy Europe Day, fellow humans. Today we celebrate in the spirit of friendship, cooperation and peaceful, sustainable innovation. 🎉🇪🇺️💙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Rather than raising rates in the middle of a living-standards crisis, the bank should be cutting them.
Brexit cited as key reason behind growing numbers of applications for Irish passports in North
NICOLA Sturgeon is confident Scots will vote for their independence next year as she set her sights on a second referendum.

The First Minister, during a series of interviews on Monday morning, insisted plans for the ballot will not be derailed by Covid or the war in Ukraine.

She also dismissed criticism of her government over unpublished legal advice about indyref2.

In the early months of the...
Angela Rayner says dealings with firm linked to Tory peer Michelle Mone need same scrutiny as Owen Paterson’s lobbying for Covid test contracts
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