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EU Citizens For Indy +EU4IndyScot
This group is for all EU citizens of all nationalities who have made Scotland their home
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Scotland has been dealt an “economic and environmental” blow after a flagship carbon capture project was sidelined by the UK government, a billionaire businessman has said.

Sir Ian Wood, the tycoon and philanthropist, was among the figures expressing disbelief at the decision.

Greg Hands, the energy minister, declared that two English projects, in the northwest around Liverpool and across...
Ian Blackford @Ianblackford_MP

In 2014, Scotland was told that if we voted against independence we'd get our share of £1billion Carbon Capture and Storage investment - but the Tories scrapped it when the referendum was done.

Now they've broken their promises to Scotland all over again

Scotland will NOT get a Carbon Capture Plant, just as in 2014 with Peterhead - EVEN the BBC...
Independent Voices Celebs4indy

AMY MACDONALD ‘If Scotland is this f**king shite then why do these folk want us to stay so much? This government won’t subsidise an extra bedroom for those in need but it’s happy to subsidise an entire country? ...Absolutely sick of this patronising crap.’ #Scottishindependence2
Julien Hoez Julien Hoez

The United Kingdom is "world-beating" in all of the wrong categories right now

Voters invested hope in the idea of leaving the EU. But a few years of queues and chaos could further erode public trust, says says Guardian columnist John Harris
Tory Brexiteers really do live in the past!!!

Protocol must allow pounds and ounces to be used in the province to prevent a ‘two-speed UK’, warn Tory Brexiteers ahead of EU treaty talks
Good Law Project can now reveal that Michael Gove, and Cabinet Office Minister Lord Agnew, referred six firms down a fast track ‘VIP’ route to bid for lucrative Test and Trace contracts. This is the...
Tim Walker @ThatTimWalker
Johnson ‘moving heaven and earth’ to help those brave Afghans.
INDEPENDENCE means having the freedom as a country to decide what to do, and to take responsibility for the benefits and costs of doing it.

Contemplating independence, it is natural to ask what one's country could do with its freedom. In Scotland's case, competing visions might include: re-joining the EU and being able to trade and travel more easily, participate in European affairs more fully...
More up to date figures show UK has been stronger than feared , giving Chancellor room for future tax cuts!

More up-to-date figures show UK recovery has been stronger than feared, giving chancellor room for future tax cuts
John Le Carré
“This (Brexit) is the greatest catastrophe and the greatest idiocy that Britain has perpretated”

“Great Briton, European and world renowned author speaks the truth.”
Excellent article by @PeatWorrier
on the ridiculous back pedalling by the UK government on their brilliant ‘oven ready deal’ that isn’t even out of its cellophane wrapping !
SCOTLAND’S constitution minister has said the case for a second ­independence referendum is backed by a key pledge of the Good Friday agreement – and there should be no need to fight to hold another vote in court.

Angus Robertson said the 1998 agreement in Northern Ireland ­included a commitment to hold a ­border poll on uniting the country if a majority of voters backed it.

And the...
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