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A blog about Scotland and being Scottish
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In this interview with Norrie Hunter of Caledon Radio (9 June 2021) Jamie discusses Scotland's land, literature, music, independence, his own journey to Yes, and the extraordinary life of Don Roberto (RB Cunninghame Graham), horseman, politician, writer and founding president of the Scottish National Party
Here’s a chatty interview I took part in yesterday with Norrie Hunter of the excellent Caledon Radio – talking about Don Roberto and his life, along with land issues, my own journey to Yes, and where we are now on … Continue reading →
Dreaming Big – the last in my series of videos for the run-up to the Holyrood 2021 elections. Follow the blog at
This time next week the die will be cast. Will we have voted for our right to choose our own future, or to be denied that right for years to come? The last in this series of short videos for … Continue reading →
Essential ingredients in the remedy for Scotland’s recovery from the pandemic, and compass points on the path to independence.
Kindness and Decency - the remedy for Scotland's recovery from the pandemic and path to independence. Penultimate in a series of videos for the run-up to the Holyrood elections 2021. Follow the blog at
Hope and Possibility. Some thoughts on Scottish Independence and the forthcoming Holyrood elections, May 2021. Second video also now posted (19 March) - Follow the blog at
As we leave Europe I imagine what my great-great uncle, RB Cunninghame Graham, might have thought about it.
This video is about Anna & Friends
Week two of songs for Sundays by Michael Marra
Week one of a new series of songs by Dundonian songwriter Michael Marra
Sunday Newman - week twelve of Randy Newman songs for lockdown Sundays
Sunday Newman week eleven:Randy Newman songs for (lockdown?) Sundays
Sunday Newman week ten - Randy Newman songs for lockdown Sundays. See previous weeks here
Two fiddle tunes, a 6/8 march and a reel, written by me and played by Pete Clark
What is that makes the May 2021 Holyrood election the second most important vote we'll cast in our lifetimes? Catch the whole series of weekly videos at
The day we vote for independence absolutely everything would change. I’m 71. Will it be my generation who throw away Scotland’s future?
What a 700-year-old document has to say about our 21st century path to independence and why we can take nothing for granted.
Ancient History – what a 700-year-old document has to say about our fight for independence. No 5 in a series of weekly posts in the run-up to the May 2021 Holyrood elections. Please share and follow the blog at
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