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Common Weal Aberdeen +CommonWealAberdeen
A page about how to implement The Common Weal: a vision for a better Scotland; specifically in the Aberdeen area.
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Critical insight from Robin

In the wonderful TV series Counterpart, something happened in the fictional 1960s which caused time to split. There were two versions of reality and each took a different course, each unknown to the other except for a small number of people who worked to communicate between these two now radically d...
If you can spare something for those forced to use foodbanks this Christmas, Aye Aberdeen will match up to £500.

Our aim is to fundraise for much needed food supplies over Christmas.
Please sign and share

Billions of bees, butterflies, and beetles are dying -- but now we can help save them from deadly pesticides in Europe, and then push the rest of the world to follow. Join the global call!
Humourous take on a serious matter. Pertinent to here in the north east.

The Australien Government has made an ad about Carbon Capture and Storage, and it’s surprisingly honest and informative.👉 You can find the uncensored versio...
Let's get back to rail. Please sign the petition

Sign our petition below to declare your desire for better transport in the North East. Make sure to visit the Proposals page to see what we are fighting for, and share this page with everyone you know that wants to see trains back all across Aberdeenshire. This Petition will be sent to the new Trans...
If you look, you will see that things are getting really scary. I'm reluctant to share those things I have seen recently because they are very upsetting and I don't like to upset people. If you don't want to be upset, then don't go look for yourself but do listen to those who are increasingly concerned. These 21 things mentioned here are easily doable and they need to be done now.
We are affiliated to the Aberdeen Social Centre and appreciate their support. See some interesting events from Peacock Visual Arts. Aberdeen Social Centre is involved in the last event. Not to be missed for local historians in particular.

Nuno Sacramento will introduce the talk with David Francis
Attention - all those who live / work in and around Aberdeen might want to join in this event. That incinerator being built in Torry is coming along nicely! Do you really want it to become operational?

Health and air quality impacts of pollution from waste incineration...
In Defence of Scotland - The future of the armed services in an independent Scotland


Scotland occupies an important strategic position within NATO in terms of its geographical position and its military capability, as home to Trident.

How will an independent Scotland fulfil its role within the international community and what...
On March 1st 2021, the first ever regulations on repair for appliances came into force in Europe. Four types of electrical appliances will now have to be more easily repairable and longer-lasting following the entry into force of these new EU Ecodesign measures: washing machines, dishwashers, fridge...
This looks good. Tune in tomorrow night. Zoom details below.
Children in poverty is simply a scandal.

How well do you know your city? What do you want to see change?
commonweal 14.04.21The Common Weal Policy Podcast - Episode #81 You can download the episode directly here.This week, Craig Dalzell talks to John Young from the Dovesdale Action Group which is campaigning locally against the construction of a waste incinerator in South Lanarkshire and is campaigning...
Why not listen to the Common Weal podcast.
This week it is on incinerators. There has been a local campaign here in Aberdeen to stop the building of a waste incinerator.
This podcast is about a local community in South Lanarkshire fighting the building of the largest incinerator in Scotland. But this is a national campaign .
Why not give it listen and let us know what you think....
Ask the politicians you'll be voting for to take this interim report - and the recommendations in the final report - on board for quick action in the new government after May 6th
This should be supportive of keeping our green spaces between Torry and Cove. Please join in and make your support known.

‼️Future of Energy in the North East‼️

Join the Scottish Green’s North East candidates, Maggie Chapman and Guy Ingerson, alongside Prof. David Toke, for an open discussion on what the future of energy in the North East should look like.

Saturday 20th March at...
Please read, comment and share. A positive look forward to a better country for all
A workshop on what we need to do about housing, energy, land and the economy to save our planet, and build a plan for North East Scotland
Event Details
Dr Craig Dalzell
Signed and shared

BP are digging us deeper into the climate emergency. Sign the petition now >>
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