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Common Weal Aberdeen +CommonWealAberdeen
A page about how to implement The Common Weal: a vision for a better Scotland; specifically in the Aberdeen area.
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Excellent article on the decline of Union Street but also a vision.
Do you agree.

📝 In this week’s newsletter, Kaitlin Dryburgh shares her disdain at what has happened to the city centre in her home town of Aberdeen, all in the name of big oil and driven by the plague of short-sightedness.

Read more here:
We are passionate about our belief in a better Scotland. For ten years, we have created policy papers, now it's all here to inspire you.

This film provides space to reflect on the unbounded nature of oil, going far beyond the idea that it’s simply a commodified source of energy. Instead showing how it seeps deep into the lives, aspirations and personal relationships of people living and working in Aberdeen and beyond.
A great article from Craig Dalzell showing why we need to take action on climate change, even if it's only to write to your elected representatives. Do make that the first step and not the only one.

Craig Dalzell – 11th August 2022 A few weeks ago I commented on the heat wave hitting us and how we might have to think of it not as one of the hottest summers on record but as one of th…
Excellent article from the Social Juice blog on craft cider and how it can build community.
Why not give it a read and feel free to get involved as they need help to plant the trees.

Was it a climate change creative urge? Maybe all it needed was an inspirational innovator, and was that Thistly Cross or Waulkmill Cider?
WOW 26 - 3 shows, 1 podcast & a march and rally from Wrexham! Plus, streamer volunteers.

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The challenge with buildings is to prevent them leaking heat, to reduce and remove the carbon that is emitted in the process of their construction and to reduce and remove polluting materials.

Read up on this week's focus of Our Common Home campaign ➡️
LIVE on tonight's 100th show, a voice from #ScottishIndependence youth.

Euan is 16 year old and lives in the Scottish Borders . Currently studying politics and modern studies at school. #YesScots
Take a look over at Friends of the Earth Scotland's Facebook page for a series of great events being held at Old Torry Community Centre. I might see you there

We are Scotland's leading environmental campaigning charity. Join to help us fight for climate justice:
I've not watched this yet but I'm told this would work well in Aberdeen too. Will give it a watch soon. Is there an initiative like this in Aberdeen already?

WATCH: Tenement flat retrofit case study by Chris Carus | Jan 31, 2022 | Uncategorized Loco Home was joined by leading retrofit expert Lisa Pasquale. Lisa spoke about the retrofit of a typical ground floor tenement flat. This was an...

A local view developed by local groups and our monthly national meeting
Things have been moving along in Common Weal in general even though this page has been rather quiet of late.
But things have changed gear with new initiatives coming to fruition. Please check out the new Campaign Centre - and do join as we need help from as many quarters as possible to get Common Weal messages into the mainstream. Every little helps get us to the better country we all want to live...
Critical insight from Robin

In the wonderful TV series Counterpart, something happened in the fictional 1960s which caused time to split. There were two versions of reality and each took a different course, each unknown to the other except for a small number of people who worked to communicate between these two now radically d...
If you can spare something for those forced to use foodbanks this Christmas, Aye Aberdeen will match up to £500.

Our aim is to fundraise for much needed food supplies over Christmas.
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Billions of bees, butterflies, and beetles are dying -- but now we can help save them from deadly pesticides in Europe, and then push the rest of the world to follow. Join the global call!
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