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Independent documentary filmmaker. I film indy stuff. And music stuff. And other stuff.
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Thanks to Lewis Milne for the audio feed.
Thanks to Lewis for the board feed and Dave for the thumbnail.
Auld Kirk Collective Event 011

One day to go. You have a choice - The status quo or change.
This is your chance to break the status quo…Vote for change…Vote for a Strong Voice…Vote Alba Number 1…ALBA STANDS FOR SCOTLAND
This isn’t about any election campaign…it’s about a poverty crisis in our communities. We all need to help….IT COULD BE YOU NEXT!

Donate to Kirkcaldy Foodbank here.
Council Tax Payers across Scotland are being ripped off by extortionate PFI. Councils seem happy to spend YOUR money. It’s time this highway robbery was looked into.
Vote for change…Vote Alba Number 1 on the 5th May

If elected I promise to a strong advocate & give the people of Kirkcaldy North ward a voice.
Filmed at the Corn Exchange, Cupar on 2nd March 2022.
Alex Samond and Neale Hanvey of the Alba Party in Kirkcaldy Town Square on Friday 30th April 2021.
Alex Salmond, Leader of the Alba Party, an Neale Hanvey MP, in Kirkcaldy Town Square. Friday 30th April 2021.
SNP1 Alba2
Both Votes YES
Hosted by Mossmorran Action Group.
Hosted by Fife Centre for Equalities.
2019 general election hustings hosted by YES Kirkcaldy Hub. St Clair Tavern 20th November 2019.
Scotland flag - the saltire Made In Scotland. For Scotland.
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