And so it begins. The Westminster Government is tearing up environmental, farming, food and drink standards. Scotland cannot be dragged down to that level. The damage to our reputation on the international market would be significant.
The UKs no1 political artist
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The futures bright for independent Scotland
Fact Check: Would Nato make Scotland keep Trident for 10 years after independence?
FORMER rural economy secretary Fergus Ewing is urging the Scottish Government to show the “same kind of ambition” for solar power as for other forms of green electricity.
WHEN she was elected as First Minister in 2014, Nicola Sturgeon made history as the first woman to take charge in Bute House.
Key dates of Nicola Sturgeon's career as SNP leader becomes longest-serving First Minister of Scotland
PERHAPS we’re nearing that point where those whose task it is to preserve the correct ordering of British society will decide that Boris Johnson has outlived his usefulness.
Patricia and Christian talk to economist and author Dr Phil Armstrong about his recent paper, which is a response to a Marxist critique of Modern Monetary Theory with reference to the Eurozone and Greece.   Please help sustain this podcast! Patrons get early access to all episodes and patron-only episodes:     For an intro to MMT: Listen to our first three...
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Independence Live Telling Scotland’s Story since 2013. Keep us Live for IndyRef2 WE CAN DO IT , Click Here ! What we do Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on email Events Real-world & online. See Events Shows Get informed,...
📝 I recently submitted a parliamentary motion, highlighting a report by Engender on the extent of workplace sexual harassment experienced by women in Scotland.

❌ As a society, we are developing a better understanding of what sexual harassment is, but action against it hasn’t quite caught up yet. Men still appear to have impunity when it comes to tackling their abusive behaviour, and...
EXCLUSIVE Secret Union polling lawyer James Eadie part of 'obscene' spend to keep secrecy By Xander Richards @xanderescribe Political Reporter Share Tories hire top QC in 'obscene' spend on secret Union polling case, say SNP THE UK Government is “spending money like there’s no tomorrow” hir....
While land-use change remains the most important driver of decline, the impact of climate change on butterflies is also evident in the new Red List
Dumfries and Galloway Council [24.05.2022] has agreed to a new Administration between SNP, Labour and the Independent Group, with Councillor Stephen Thompson as Convenor of The Council, and Co-Leader alongside Councillor Linda Dorward who is also Depute Convenor, working with Councillor Richard Brod...
SCOTTISH Labour have entered a coalition with the SNP to take joint control of a local authority – despite Anas Sarwar explicitly having…
The first meeting of our new Full Council was held today, and at it the new leadership was confirmed.

The meeting endorsed a new Conservative/Liberal Democrat/Independent administration.

Leader: Cllr Mark Findlater
Deputy Leader: Cllr Anne Stirling

Provost: Cllr Judy Whyte
Deputy Provost: Cllr Ron McKail

The meeting also appointed chairs and vice-chairs to the relevant policy committee...
Basically F Zero is a super-fast Sci Fi racer that Sony’s Wipeout is very much inspired by.
Workers at Marine Scotland in seafaring roles will take part in two separate periods of 48-hour strike action involving Marine Protection Vessels (MPV) Hirta on 26 and 27 May, and Jura on 3 and 4 June.
A national consultation has been launched to find out views on school uniform.
"It’s hard to love someone so much, and lose them. "
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