1. Your Membership
Membership is entirely free, but we offer additional features should you wish to upgrade. From your settings panel, you can alter your profile picture, event nearby radius & notification settings.
2. Your Timeline
Your timeline contains a snapshot of all the latest articles, comments, media, events & campaigns from various members and groups. From here, you can reply, share & like content for your followers to see. By selecting to write a new status update, you can use additional options such as scheduling your post to appear later, add polls, campaigns or post as a group you run.
3. Groups
Follow groups & get notified of new content they post as soon as it appears, or start your own group and configure your newsfeed to keep people up to date of your latest news.
4. Events
Find events in your area or create your own for people to attend. Our events area will inform attendees of the latest weather report and a map to help plan a route to the venue. Receive notifications an hour before an event is due to start.
5. Fundraisers
Create a crowdfunding campaign in seconds with our easy to use status update area. With some of the lowest transaction charges around, we'll make sure you maximise the amount you raise.
6. Media
Watch livestreams directly on the Hub, download or stream podcasts and view Youtube & Vimeo videos posted by over 150 groups.
7. The Mobile App
Our highly developed mobile apps allows you to quickly share content to the Hub. We'll send notifications the instant new content arrives, & give a heads up before a livestream or event is due to start. All for free!
Download here.