Getting Started On The Hub

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Registering My Account
Upon selecting to register on The Hub, you'll be presented with a brief list of Terms & Conditions. Upon accepting these you'll be asked to fill in your details.

You'll then need to select a "Display Name". This should be a personal name (such as your own real name) or something that will identify you as a "person". This shouldn't be a name of a group you are affiliated with or the name of your website, for example. Accounts for these can be set up later on (see the Groups section for more information).

A valid email address is required. This allows you to receive email alerts for activity on the site, such as new articles, media & interactions on your own content. You can turn these alerts off once you have successfully registered. At no time will The Hub send you any other unsolicited correspondence nor will we pass on your email address to third parties.

Your username should be between 5 and 15 characters in length, consisting of only numbers & letters. Again, please don't use this registration process for signing up as a website or a group. This is purely for creating a personal account.

Your password must be a minimum of 8 characters, consisting of at least one UPPERCASE letter and one number.

Once you submit the information, your details will be saved and your account will be created, automatically logging you in. You can then decide to take the Tour (which is a quick run down of features) or dive straight into The Hub.
Filling Out My Profile
You can amend your personal details at any time - including your display name and username. This won't affect anyone that follows you, or any groups you have created or are a member of.

Accessing the Settings screen depends on the device you are using. For smaller screens such as mobiles and some tablets you can swipe the screen from left to right, or click on the "hamburger" icon at the top left to bring up the navigation menu. From there, just click the "Settings" option.

On larger devices such as laptops or desktops, click the small "cog" icon at the top right of your Profile box to bring up the same screen.

The first menu that will appear mirrors the registration screen, allowing you to change your display/user name, email address and password. If you change your username and/or password you may have to log in to other devices that you use to visit The Hub. If you don't wish to change your password, please leave that field blank.

The second screen deals with notifications & location. Mobile Notifications are sent to anyone with our Android app installed. Turning this option to OFF will turn off notifications across ALL devices with The Hub installed.

Email notifications can also be turned on or off from here. By default, these are set to OFF when you register (we don't want to send emails without you opting in first!). If you turn these ON, please make sure you are using a valid email address (previous step we covered).

Email notifications are for activity on the site, such as new articles, media & interactions on your own content.

The last option here is for discovering events and groups near to your location. By default, The Hub will show anything within a 30 mile radius of your device.

The final option is for Desktop notifications. If you use Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera or Safari (Windows version) on your desktop or Chrome on your Android mobile The Hub can send you notifications similar to what you would receive if you had the Android app installed. These will pop up with small messages when a new article is posted, or new media is added. It'll also let you know when livestreams are about to go live or when an event is starting that day.

The third screen allows you to fill in a small biography about yourself. Try and keep it concise - we don't need a life story!

Finally, there are options to upload an avatar and a header image. The header image is similar to Facebook and Twitter, and is displayed at the top of your profile page. For best results, the header image should be 500px x 170px or larger. The Hub will resize everything you upload to the correct size.
My Timeline
Your timeline is the main area of The Hub that shows content from all the users and groups that you follow - so remember to follow accounts that interest you!

Each post on your timeline can be interacted with:

  • Comment on posts you find interesting

  • "Like" content and it'll save in your profile under the Favourites area. Useful if you want to save something to read later, or for showing appreciation for the author of the post.

  • "Share" content and it'll appear on the timelines of other users that follow you.

There are additional "share" options available by clicking the small circle icon at the top right of every post. You can share posts on a number of social media platforms including Facebook & Google. By clicking to share on The Hub it will allow you to add your own comment - like when you "Quote and Retweet" on Twitter.
Writing On The Hub
Depending on the device you are using, you can write a post by either tapping the blue button at the bottom right of the screen and selecting "Post New Status" (smaller screens & Android app) or by clicking the "Share Your Thoughts..." area under your profile information at the top left of the screen (larger devices).

The Hub uses an intelligent text box that will automatically highlight hashtags and user/group names as you type. It will also bring up a helpful auto-suggest area under the textbox to help you fill in names:

The Hub uses an intelligent text box that formats the text as you type
The text box includes a number of options along the bottom. From left to right these are:

  1. "Camera" icon - this allows you to upload an image or mp4 video.

  2. "Group" icon - you can post this status from a group account instead of your personal account

  3. "Poll" icon - add a poll with between 2-4 options and a specific end date

  4. "Clock" icon - schedule your post to appear at a specific date and time.

Receiving Notifications
The Hub has up to 4 ways of sending you notifications, the most basic of which is to the Notifications area of the site. This area will list interactions people have had with you such as following you, liking/sharing/commenting on your posts.

More detailed notifications can be received via email, on desktop or using the Android app. Each of these 3 options will deliver more detailed information such as posts created by groups you follow - as well as letting you know when they add videos, podcasts & events.


The Android app goes even further and gives additional options for each notification. For example, when you receive a notification regarding an event that is happening, you will receive a map you can click on to receive directions.

My Messages
You can send Private Messages to any user so long as you both follow each other.

To send a PM, navigate to the Messages area and click the New button at the top right, then fill in the user handle of the person you wish to converse with. Alternatively you can click the "Options" button on another users profile page and select "Private Message" from the dropdown box.

Other users and groups that you tag in your messages will not be notified that you have mentioned them.
Sharing Content
Each post on The Hub has the option to be shared on external websites. To do so, click the small circle icon at the top right of a post and select the "Share Post" option.


Now select where you wish to share this content to. Selecting The Hub icon will let you share that post on The Hub is similar to the "Quote and Retweet" function on Twitter which lets you link to a post and write something about it.

Users of the Android app will see an additional option to share to WhatsApp
Upgrade My Account
Upgraded (Verified) accounts on The Hub enjoy additional benefits to standard membership.

Each member that upgrades will be able to "promote" their posts to everyone on The Hub, regardless if they follow you or not. Perhaps there is a major event happening that you want everyone to be aware of, or you've released a Youtube video that you want as many people as possible to see - by upgrading your account you'll be able to push anything you've written out to the entire member base of The Hub.


We have two options for upgrading accounts. You can upgrade only your member account, or you can upgrade your member AND a group account. Both will be marked as "verified" with a green tick icon next to your name.


What Are Groups?
Groups are intended to be accounts where only important information is posted. Commentary, discussion and opinion on this content is then conducted by personal accounts.

So for example, if you enjoy content posted by Wings Over Scotland, by following that group you’ll see Rev. Stu’s articles appear on your timeline but it won’t be drowned out by any personal things he posts to his account.

Each post by a group will result in a notification being sent to you Android device or as a desktop alert so you'll never miss a thing. All it takes is a tap, or a click of a button to follow a group.

If you click the "Nearby" option on the Groups page you'll see a list of groups near your current location. Clicking on the distance will bring up a map showing where the groups is located and instructions on how to get there (Android app).
Creating Groups
Anyone can create a group - from podcasters, political parties, blogs, Youtubers, event organisers & charities.

To get started, navigate to the Groups page and hit the Create button on the top right to be presented with the pop-up box.

The first page deals with the basics:

  • Group Name - This will be your website/blog name, Youtube channel, community group etc.

  • Group Handle - Short and simple, something people will be able to remember

  • Group Description - Briefly describe what your group is about

The next page is the most important one. You can add feeds for a variety of content, which The Hub will periodically check. When new content is found, it will post it to your groups Timeline and send out notifications to everyone that follows your group.

  • Group Newsfeed - Commonly called "RSS feeds", most Wordpress blogs already have this turned on. The easiest way to find this is by right clicking on your website and selecting "View Source". Search for the keywords "RSS" or "feed" to find the URL you need, like below:capture

  • Group Livestream - if you use to stream events you can have these posted automatically on The Hub too. To do so, you'll need to construct the RSS feed for it, based on your livestream account name, or account number, like so:[account_name] or[account_number]. You can get your account name/number from your Livestream page such as where "IndependenceLive" is the account name.

  • Youtube/Vimeo Feeds - These are slightly harder to find. For Youtube feeds, you need to find your Youtube Channel ID. Lets use Independence Live as an example again. Their Youtube page is Right click and "View Source" of that page and search for the word "channel". You'll see a string of letters and numbers:capture

Now we have the channel number, we can construct the Feed Url like so:[channel_id] - which means the feed for Independence Live would be

Thankfully, Vimeo is more straightforward than Youtube. Take the SNP's Vimeo page as an example: Just add "videos/rss" to the end of that URL to get the feed:

  • Podcast Feed - this should be found just like we did for Wordpress/website feeds, by rightclicking the webpage they are saved on, and searching for the words "rss" or "feed". The feed should contain a link to an mp3 file which The Hub will then convert into a clickable button, allowing you to stream in the Android App/website.

As a final note regarding this screen, you can have multiple feeds for your site. For example, if you are running a group that has a number of smaller groups within it (such as Radical Independence), you can add all their RSS feeds by separating each one with a comma.
Managing Groups
To amend your group click on the "options" icon (it looks like a small cog) on your groups page and selecting "Settings" from the drop down menu. In here, you can amend everything we've just gone over as well as giving you the ability to add a homepage, selecting an avatar/header image (just like you did for your personal account after registering) and adding address details so people can discover you if they are within 30 miles of your group location.

The header image is similar to Facebook and Twitter, and is displayed at the top of your group page. For best results, the header image should be 500px x 170px or larger. The Hub will resize everything you upload to the correct size.

The second option in the drop down box - "Members" - allows you to toggle the administration rights of other members of your group. When you promote a member to become a Group Administrator it grants them the same privileges are you have - allowing them to amend group details and post under that group account.

The third option in the drop down box allows you to remove your group entirely. There is no backup of your group content, so once it's gone... it's gone.
Joining Groups
To join a group, simply visit the groups page and click the purple "Join" button. Clicking it again will leave the group. On other pages and on the sidebar (larger devices) you'll see a smaller purple "group" icon. Clicking that will show a tick to show that you are a member of the group.

Once you've joined a group, all their content will appear on your timeline and you'll begin to receive notifications when something new appears.
Upgrade My Account
Upgraded (Verified) accounts on The Hub enjoy additional benefits to standard membership.

Each member that upgrades will be able to "promote" their posts to everyone on The Hub, regardless if they follow you or not. Perhaps there is a major event happening that you want everyone to be aware of, or you've released a Youtube video that you want as many people as possible to see - by upgrading your account you'll be able to push anything you've written out to the entire member base of The Hub.


We have two options for upgrading accounts. You can upgrade only your member account, or you can upgrade your member AND a group account. Both will be marked as "verified" with a green tick icon next to your name.


Creating An Event
To create an event navigate to the Events area and click the "Create" button at the top right. Alternatively, if you are using the Android app, or browsing The Hub on a smaller device you can click the blue button at the bottom right of the screen and select the "Post An Event" option.

The first part of the form should be self explanatory as it is asking for basic information such as event name, date it is happening & the start and end times.

Below that is the option to post it from your personal account (the one you registered and logged in with) or using a Group account. If you are posting the event on behalf of a group that you are not an administrator for (for example, if you run a local SNP branch and want to post to the main SNP group) you can contact one of The Hub administrators and we'll amend the event once it has been submitted.

The second part of the form asks for a description of your event. Try and keep this concise and don't repeat information that is already included elsewhere in the form like the event name, location, date/time, address and speakers.

Underneath that, if your event has a website, or perhaps a place for people to buy tickets, you can include a link to it. If your event is going to be streamed live (handy for those that can't make it), you can also include a link to the stream URL.

The third and final part of the form allows you to list everyone who will be speaking at your event and the address & postcode where your event will be held. These last two fields are important to get right as The Hub will use these to give directions to people who will be travelling, to fetch weather information and to list the event under the "Nearby" category to people within a 30 mile radius of it.

Once you submit the event, The Hub will sent out notifications to everyone that follows your group (if posted as a group), and will also give people a reminder before the event starts (if they indicate they are attending it).
Amending An Event
To amend an event, click the small circle icon at the top right of the events post and select "Edit Event" from the drop down menu.

Please note only the original creator of the event - or group administrator - can amend events.
Attending An Event
To indicate you are attending an event, click the blue "Attend" button on an upcoming event. This will change to say "Going". When the event is due to start (usually an hour before it starts) you'll receive a notification to give you advanced warning.
Finding Events
The Hub has a number of ways of finding events.capture

  • On the Events page itself you can select to view Upcoming events (this is the default selection) which displays events in ascending date order.

  • The Nearby option will show all upcoming events in a 30 mile radius of your current location.

  • The Attending option lists all events you are planning to attend.

  • The Archive option lists all events that have ended.

  • We also have a Map option at the top which displays a map of Scotland with all upcoming events marked on them.

If you are looking for a specific event, you can use our powerful search function, located at the top right of the screen. With that, you can search names, addresses & other keywords such as "independence" or "hustings".


Creating A Fundraiser
Fundraisers can be added by clicking on the "heart" icon when creating a new status update. Fundraisers require a title, a valid Paypal address to deposit funds, as well as an end date.

You can set a fundraising amount up to a total of £1,000, although you will retain anything raised beyond the limit you set.

To cover Paypal/Credit Card transaction fees, a handling charge of 5% + £0.20 will be deducted from each donation.
How Do I Donate?
When you visit a fundraising page, there will be a "Donate" button available to press if the fundraiser is still active.

This will present a box with different donation values. Tapping on one of those will bring you to the payment screen. You can donate to a fundraiser as often as you like.
Release Of Funds
Once your fundraiser has ended, all monies raised will be sent to your designated PayPal address within 48 hours.
What Charges Or Fees Are There?
Please see a comparison table between The Hub and other larger crowdfunding platforms:

Kickstarter GoFundMe Indiegogo The Hub
Amount To Raise £1,000 £1,000 £1,000 £1,000
Platform Fee 5% of Total Raised FREE 5% of Total Raised FREE
Transaction Fee 3% + £0.20 7.9% + £0.20 3% 5% + £0.20
You Get £860 £911 £920 £940

Articles & Media

Watching Livestreams
Livestreams can be found on the "Streams" section of the Media area. These are listed in date order - with live streams shown at the top.

If you use the Android app or have desktop alerts turned on, you'll receive a notification from your groups 5 minutes before a stream is due to start. Once the stream goes live just refresh the page and the description & poster image of the stream will be replaced with a video you can click on and view.

For archived streams, click the Watch Again button to be taken to the recording of the stream.
Podcasts can be found under the "Podcasts" section of the Media area. These can be streamed by clicking the Play button or downloaded by right clicking on the controls and selecting "Save Audio" (desktops) or by tapping the podcast description (Android app).
Add Your Own Content
To add streams, videos or podcasts you will need to create a Group. Please see the instructions further up this FAQ page.

Further Information

Our Privacy Policy
What is this Privacy Policy for?
This privacy policy is for this website []  and governs the privacy of its users who choose to use it.

The policy sets out the different areas where user privacy is concerned and outlines the obligations & requirements of the users, the website and website owners. Furthermore the way this website processes, stores and protects user data and information will also be detailed within this policy.

The Website
This website and its owners take a proactive approach to user privacy and ensure the necessary steps are taken to protect the privacy of its users throughout their visiting experience. This website complies to all UK national laws and requirements for user privacy.

Use of Cookies
This website uses cookies to better the users experience while visiting the website. There is no requirement to use cookies on this website unless you decide to register an account. The use of cookies is explicitly set out in the Terms & Conditions that are agreed to before registration can proceed.

Cookies are small files saved to the user's computers hard drive that track, save and store information about the user's interactions and usage of the website. This allows the website, through its server to provide the users with a tailored experience within this website.
Users are advised that if they wish to deny the use and saving of cookies from this website on to their computers hard drive they should take necessary steps within their web browsers security settings to block all cookies from this website and its external serving vendors.
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Our Web Scripts
The Hub provides website owners with tools to integrate our content and sharing functions.

  • Embed a user/group timeline

  • Embed single posts

  • Add intelligent "share" buttons

  • Create custom "share" buttons

For full details, visit the Resources page
Our Political Affiliations
The creator of The Hub is a paid member of the SNP, has voted SNP in past elections, voted Yes in the first Scottish Independence Referendum (2014) and voted Remain in the EU Referendum (2016).

The Hub itself is created with a pro-independence mindset however accepts views and opinions from across the political spectrum.

If you have any questions that are not covered by the topics in this section, please post a message on The Hub, tagging the +TheHub group and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.