The updates keep on coming for The Hub, which has seen a huge number of tweaks & bug fixes to keep the apps looking sexy and easy to use. So here's a run down of what has been happening...

Added GIF support

The apps and website now have the ability to upload GIF images that retain their animation (honestly, you won't believe just how incredibly difficult Google & Apple have made this!).

Added ability to post GIF & stickers direct from keyboard

Following on from the support for GIF, you can now post GIFs direct from your keyboard (Android only) and there is a new dedicated GIF button for you to search and post a GIF using Giphy.

Improved post & message reply area layout (Android only)

When tapping the text box to reply to a status or message, you'll now be presented with an expanded area for you to type in.

Allowed certain special characters in member/group names

Members and groups can now use a select few other special characters in display names (such as ampersands).

New "skeleton" loading style on each area (Android only)

Loading spinners are soooo early-2021. The Android app now using "skeleton" loading styles which shows a shimmering layout while the content is loading.

Behing-the-scenes security updates

The API has had security tightened to continue to ensure member and group accounts remain secure and malicious users can not gain access to restricted functionality such as editing/deleting of status, groups & events.

As ever, if anyone has ideas on how to improve The Hub, drop me an email at [email protected] or leave a comment below.

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