The Hub really comes into its own when it comes to listing events that the Yes movement are taking part in. The app recently added its 2,000th event to the database, an incredible achievement and that's without holding a proper independence referendum campaign yet.

I'm always interested in finding new ways to advertise events including the simple to use embed script that I urge those with a pro-Yes website to make use of. It instantly adds events to your webpage with no need for you to spend time updating it. The Hub takes care of that for you.

Today, I'm very proud to announce the public release of The Hub on Wear OS devices. This allows you to quickly scroll through a list of upcoming pro-independence events and view more details by tapping the item on your wearable screen. This will open The Hub on your mobile/tablet and take you to the events page.

Head to the Play Store to download the updated mobile app and new Wear OS app.

There are currently no plans to expand the app beyond listing events, due to the small screen size available on wearable devices.

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