Changes To Acceptable Group Content

A week ago I announced a review of groups on The Hub due to the majority of their output being more about being negative against another pro-indy party (primarily the SNP) than making the case for independence.

My concern is that visitors to The Hub may be subjected to content that is making claims that have not been proven (or just downright false), thus damaging faith in a party that is part of the pro-independence campaign. This in turn could dissuade people from voting Yes in a referendum.

Blogs are entirely entitled to their opinions and can write what they like about political parties but if it goes against the primary aim of The Hub then these views will not be promoted on this platform. Therefor, I have implemented some changes on the apps and website.

Any group that has been identified as posting negative claims against a pro-independence party and dresses them up as facts (without actual evidence to back it up) or holding views that are damaging to the movement (e.g "ethnic nationalism") will not have their content indexed on the following areas of The Hub: Articles, Media, Events, Fundraisers, Explore, Trending. Search engines will also be required to remove these group profile pages from their search results. If any content is deemed to be against the terms & conditions then it will be removed. Repeat offences will result in a group page (or member page) being removed entirely.

Users of The Hub can continue to follow & subscribe to these groups and still receive notifications of new content. There are also no changes to what users will see on their own personalised timeline. Content from these groups will not be blocked and can still be shared (just like any other post on any other website).

Part of The Hub's job is to win people over to independence and I'll continue to make further changes as necessary to help make that happen.

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Creator of The Hub, social media platform promoting Scottish Independence.

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