I am very proud to announce the public release of The Hub v5 for iOS devices, an absolutely huge update that vastly improves many areas of the app. This blog post covers the majority of the changes.

New Contextualised Areas

The biggest aim for this update was to get information to the user faster than before as well as increasing the amount of information they see on the screen. With the newly designed contextualised areas of the app users can now see almost SEVEN times more items than previously. Each area has been designed to ensure the most relevant information is displayed (e.g event/livestream start time, fundraiser totals) and the underlying code has been tweaked to load faster than ever before.


Livestream from Youtube

The Hub now detects upcoming streams that are prepared on Youtube and adds these to the Livestream area with a countdown timer for when they go live. Improved notifications mean you'll never miss a livestream again!


Plethora of bug fixes

I've gone through the code and fixed a number of bugs left over from the previous version of the app such as uploading of avatars and other images, links to other areas not working as expected as well as improving the loading times across each area.


Changes to Live Radio

Very few groups on The Hub broadcast live radio, so the decision was taken to remove the dedicated area for them under Media and also remove the Live Radio tap from user groups. Instead, if a group is broadcasting, you'll see a live broadcast icon at the top right of the screen that can be tapped on to listen.


Head to https://thehub.scot/ios to get your hands on the latest version for Android.

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