I have spent the last 3 weeks working on a refreshed layout for The Hub on Android and have released the BETA for people to download. There are some fairly significant changes that I will list here.

The largest change is that the main areas (articles, events, media, fundraisers) have been overhauled to show far more items on the screen than previously. The intention is to also show things in a cleaner way, with only the most relevant information on display.

All other areas have a more uniform look. Gone are the FAB buttons that indicated what each item was. Instead, it'll be very obvious when scrolling down your timeline what the context of each item is. It also helps make a member's status update fit in more (v4 made all other items look wonderfully vivid and colourful and made a plain text post by a member "boring" to look at).

The Quick Reply feature from the website has made it into the app so that you can reply to a status item without having to tap on it first.

Live Radio has been shifted from the Media tab and Group Profile tab to have a permanent spot at the top right of a group's profile page. There are only 3 pro-indy groups that have radio stations so it was a bit daft to have a dedicated tab for it in the other 500 group pages!

The BETA app is very stable and testing will run for a few weeks while feedback is gathered. Once complete, the iOS app and website will be redesigned to match the Android app.

Want to take part in the testing? Head to https://thehub.scot/android

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