The Hub has for some time had the ability to advertise items for Yes groups, such as upcoming events, important Fact Checks, noteworthy podcasts etc. All advertising is provided at no cost and appears on a member's timeline regardless if they follow your group or not.

The website and mobile apps have had a small update released (v4.3.5) that allows Yes groups to advertise specifically within their local area, meaning their adverts become more relevant. For example, there could be a zoom meeting arranged for Yes Ross Sutherland. Members of that group will have already received the event notification, however there may be others in the area that don't follow the group. These members will now see the event appear in their timeline as an advertisement due to being local to that Yes group's area.

You can also create a "Call To Action" - an eye catching button that members will see on adverts when scrolling through their timeline. This button can link to further information for your advert.

Advertising on The Hub is simple and only requires a simple form to be filled in. Head to for more information.

Note: Your location and those of members is never stored on The Hub's servers.

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