I'm very proud to announce that the latest version of The Hub has been released for iOS and Android devices. The 4.3 series has a huge amount of significant changes and fundamentally changes the way members can interact with groups. So here is a run down of what's new!

Greater Control Over Notifications

The largest change to come out of 4.3 is I have changed the way we all follow groups. Before this version you would follow a group and then receive their content on your timeline, receiving notifications whenever something new was posted. This works fine when you don't follow many groups, but can quickly become overwhelming if you follow hundreds! The new system allows you to follow groups as before, but receiving notifications requires a further tap on the "bell" icon. The Hub has shifted from an opt OUT sytem, to an opt IN system.

Improved Media Filters

If you follow IndyLive Radio, you'll know they produce an absolute tonne of podcasts every week. These used to be lumped in alongside Youtube videos in the "Media" tab on group pages. This made it a wee bit of a pain to scroll through to find a podcast to listen to so I've separated out Videos and Podcasts into their own tabs. The same improvement has been made on the Search Results page.

Inline Replies

On older versions of the app you could post a reply to a status and get a small pop-up to let you know it was sent successfully along with a button to be taken to your reply. With 4.3 your reply now appears below the status you replied to, allowing you to further interact with other items on the screen.

Threaded Replies

Speaking of replies, a great feature of Twitter is the ability to write a thread and add to it at a later date, keeping all of your items together at the top of the thread in date order. The Hub also carries this feature in v4.3. Simply add a reply to a status you started and The Hub will ensure they are grouped together at the top of the thread.

Improved Event Controls

Events got a few improvements in 4.3. Firstly, I've done away with the cumbersome method of adding Zoom information such as Meeting ID, Meeting Name & Meeting Password. These have been removed and replaced with a Meeting Link field for event organisers to paste in the link to the online Zoom meeting. I've also added the ability to add repeating events. With an event frequency set (daily, weekly, fortnightly, every 4 weeks or monthly), The Hub will automatically post your next occurring event for you, after the previous event has finished.

Smarter "Nearby" Events

With the shift to online meetings, we don't have nearby events in a physical location, so in recognition of that,The Hub will now include online events of nearby groups instead.

Improved Loading Times

4.3 comes with a dramatic improvement on loading times. Timelines now load within a fraction of a second instead of the 5+ seconds that we saw in the past.


You can download The Hub at https://thehub.scot/apps and you can use the incredibly sexy looking website at https://thehub.scot. Sign up and become part of the largest pro-independence app in the world!


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