The Hub is always looking for ways to ensure the voices of Yes groups are given as big and wide an audience as possible. If there is a good article, video or podcasts, there should be ways to promote those for more people to see. At the moment this means there are areas such as "Trending" and showing the most read and watched items under the "Popular" tab in relevant screens.

To show up in these areas items need: impressions (seeing the item on screen), views (tapping to view the item) & engagements such as replies, likes & shares. The more an item has of each of these, the higher up the screen it will appear for others to find.

But we know that people engage with items by quoting them and adding their own commentary. There are also people that will find an item outwith The Hub and share it on the app. With recent changes to the app, these shared items will be attributed to the original person/group that posted it. So for example if someone shares your groups Youtube video, your original post on The Hub will be pushed further up the Trending/Popular areas, giving your Yes group greater exposure.

Hopefully, small changes like these will help promote your Yes groups to more people.

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