I'm very proud that The Hub is a platform that continuously evolves, improving a platform that the Independence movement can use to help persuade more folk over to Yes. With the latest poll showing pro-independence voters making up 58% of the voting public, it shows that momentum is certainly with us, but that it's important not to get complacent and take the foot off the pedal.

As part of the excellent Zoom meeting with Yes Glasgow North West a while back, the idea of a Fact Checking service was floated about. At the time I felt it was a fantastic idea and there were more than enough resources to make something like this very valuable. One Fact Check area, bringing in everything the movement had produced and segregated into specific categories.

We know that Westminster are convenient with the truth, and as we push to 60% Yes and beyond, we need to be able to rebut claims that are thrown at us. Providing facts - with supporting evidence - is of paramount importance to help convince undecided and soft-No voters to vote Yes in the next referendum. If we can be honest and open, if we can back up our claims, it makes us more trustworthy and more likely they will trust us with Scotland's future.

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The Fact Check area is available on the website at https://thehub.scot/facts and can be found on the iOS and Android apps by tapping the "Fact Check" area on the menu.

Found a fact that we haven't shown? Let us know!

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