I'm delighted to announce (belatedly!) that The Hub has a brand new website up and running replacing the one that had been there for almost 6 years. The code is based on The Hub's API I developed a couple of years ago meaning you'll now see the exact same information that you see on the apps. The new website has quite a few upgrades compared to the old one, which I'll list here:

  • You Can Save Items For Later
    One of the best features of the apps is that you could bookmark items and read them later. This functionality is now available on the website. Simply tap the menu button on a post and tap Save For Later. You can find all your saved items at https://thehub.scot/bookmarks.

  • Pro-Scotland Radio Stations
    You can now listen to a number of radio stations on the website by visiting the Radio area of the Media page (https://thehub.scot/media/radio).

  • Easier to Use "Create" Options
    The previous website had pop-ups to navigate when creating groups and events. These have been replaced with single page areas, making it much easier to review all the information before submitting anything. The pages have been set-up to appear exactly like the apps - so for example if you want to post as your group account, you simply tap the avatar at the top right of the screen and select the account you want to use, just like you do on the app.

  • Inline Replies
    One of my favourite features! Tap the reply button on a post and you'll be presented with a pop-up box to post a reply without leaving the page you are on.

  • Non-intrusive notifications
    The website will present you with small pop-up notifications at the bottom of the screen to confirm an action. On the left hand side (when logged in), you will see red dots next to each area that has new content. Simply visit that area to clear the notification.

  • Redesigned Embed Code
    If you didn't know already, you can embed posts on your own website. I've made this process simpler by tapping the "Share" button on a post. You'll be able to copy and paste the code onto your own website within seconds. For example, here's one by The National celebrating an opinion poll that gives support for independence at 54%:

    View this post on The Hub

  • Nearby Groups/Events
    If you allow the website access to your location it will provide you with a list of Yes Groups and events nearby. Tap to follow these groups to show their content in your timeline.

The website is a continuing work in progress, with updates happening to it all the time. So if you have any ideas that you feel will help Yes groups or make The Hub even better to use, let me know!

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