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The Hub is now well into it's 5th year of operating and is days away from celebrating having it's 100,000th post created - a number I never thought it would reach so quickly. It goes to show that rather than going quietly back into it's box, the pro-independence movement will not be silenced and is continuing to put forward its case for becoming a Sovereign Nation once more.

As preparations ramp up to hold either a second independence referendum in 2020 or using the 2021 Holyrood elections to solidify the mandate, The Hub intends to help keep everyone informed of what is happening in Scottish politics by ensuring as much information is posted on it as possible.

That means if there is a meeting, a march, a demonstration or a bottle stall, The Hub will let you know. If there is a Yes group near you, The Hub will let you know. If there is an article or video that destroys a Unionist argument against independence, The Hub will let you know.

The Hub extends further than being just an app, though. Because it's pulls in information from over 400 Yes group it is able to share that content back out to search engines, increasing their visibility to those that are "soft-No" or "indy curious". With tens of thousands of pieces of content all held in one place, we have a cache of data we are able to interrogate, reconfigure and get back out onto various platforms for everybody to see.

There is so much more that can be done if I had the time to, which brings me to the point of this blog entry.

Since November 2019 when the iOS app was launched there has been an incredible upsurge in people joining The Hub as well as an increase of over 700% for content posted. As the app is more widely used it needs tweaked to ensure everything runs smoothly and it's set up to be as effective and useful as possible for all those that use it. The Hub is already seeing people register purely because they are curious about independence and want to find out more.

My availability to work on the app is restricted by my full time job and looking after my children, so much so that I had to make the difficult decision to make The Hub website read-only as I didn't have the time to maintain it. This is where I would like to ask for you help.

A project as large as this deserves to be worked on full time. Outside of Facebook & Twitter there is no community as large as this for pro-independence supporters. In fact, there is NO OTHER social media platform 100% dedicated to independence. By dedicating my working day to The Hub we can release its full potential, preparing it for when a date is set for an independence referendum.

Not only that, but I can use my time to help out other pro-indy groups with projects they need my expertise on - for free. There are a number of apps that I've been asked to develop but have been struggling to find the time to do. This would no longer be a problem. I'm happy to devote all of my time to the Yes movement and help to bring voters over to choosing independence on the ballot paper.

Rather than create a fundraiser, I've set up a Patreon account where you can chip in a few quid each month. There are 3 targets I'm looking to meet:

  1. Cover running costs of The Hub. This includes the server, photo-editing software, third-party scripts, Apple Developer fees, firewall & security.
  2. Advertising online and in print to let people know about The Hub. I'll also tour Yes groups to get them onto The Hub and to find out what I can do to help them get their message out to a wider audience. The Hub is built by myself so I can make it do whatever we need, to suit the Yes movement.
  3. Dedicating all of my time towards The Hub and other pro-indy projects. This will involve fine-tuning the app, getting a brand new website created and getting Yes groups information & materials further up search-engine rankings as well as delivering pro-indy apps to groups that need one built. This service will be completely free if this target is met.

As an incentive, there are a few perks, starting with some small branded pin badges to branded t-shirts and to some limited edition branded enamel badges - a thank you for your support.

Not convinced you should support The Hub? Have a quick read through this thread to see what it can do so far. Then imagine just how much more it could do with more time and a bigger budget!

Please support The Hub by become a Patron & making a monthly donation. With your help we can unlock the app's potential and help bring more voters over to Yes.


Creator of The Hub, social media website promoting Scottish Independence.

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