Rallying Call For All Yes Groups

2020 is set to be a huge year for Scottish Independence and The Hub is ready to help Yes Groups get their message out. But it requires your help. By adding your Yes Group to the app it will allow people to locate you and share your events, campaign material, fundraisers, videos & articles.

The Hub is a social media platform that has been built specifically to help win Scottish Independence by bringing in as much pro-indy information as possible & making it available for people to read, watch and then share with others.

There are already over 400 groups signed up and is the largest gathering of pro-independence & indy-curious people outside of Facebook & Twitter, so here's a quick guide to getting your Yes group on The Hub. If you need any help in setting up your group, just give me a shout at mail@thehub.scot.


1 Download The App & Register On The Hub

The Hub is available for FREE on Android & iOS platforms. Once downloaded you'll need to create a personal account - similar to when you sign up to Facebook. This should NOT be a group account (this will be set up later). Quick tip: if you're struggling to have a user handle or username accepted when registering, make sure there is no space after your text entry. Some device keyboards add one in automatically.


2 Get Your Group On The Hub

Your Yes Group might already be active on The Hub. Try doing a search in the app to see if it appears. If it does and you need to add yourself as an administrator, please email me at mail@thehub.scot with details of who you are and the group you run.

If the group isn't on The Hub then you can add it within seconds! Simply tap the + button at the bottom right of the app and select "Group". From there you can fill in details such as address (this is important to ensure people can find you in the "Nearby" section of the Groups area), name, handle, avatar, header and a brief description (if your group name is too long to fit in the the name & handle, type it in full here).


3 Add Feeds To Auto-Add Content

Campaigning is a busy time. I know you won't have time to create an event then share it to Facebook, Twitter, the IndyApp and The Hub. It's the same with articles and videos. The Hub takes care of that for you by auto-importing your content from a variety of sources leaving you free to do other things.

Group Eventbrite Page
If your Yes Group uses Eventbrite, enter the organiser's profile page and The Hub will import new events when they are created.

Group Newsfeed
If your group has a website, enter the RSS feed here. This is usually something like https://mysite.com/feed, https://mysite.com/rss.xml or https://mysite.com/?format=rss

Group Livestream
This is for groups that use the Livestream platform (such as Independence Live). The link to the feed would be http://livestream.com/api/accounts/[YOUR_ACCOUNT_NAME]

Group Youtube/Vimeo Feed
To get your Youtube feed, go to your Youtube channel and grab the characters at the end of the URL (highlighted in grey). For example: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1UG9WBHGhNc-TpKw-vfKlg. Then add that to the end of this url: https://www.youtube.com/feeds/videos.xml?channel_id= to give you your Youtube Channel feed.
For Vimeo it's a lot easier. Just get the Vimeo page for your group (such as https://vimeo.com/thesnp) and add /videos/rss to the end of the link like so: https://vimeo.com/thesnp/videos/rss

Group Podcast
For groups that produce podcasts, the feed URL will be constructed similar to the Newsfeeds above.

Group Shoutcast
If your group runs a radio station online, you can add the Shoutcast Stream Status page here and The Hub will add your station to the app.

Group Indiegogo Profile/Justgiving Crowdfunder Page
If you are fundraising you can add your Indiegogo profile page (not the fundraising page) here. For those fundraising on Justgiving you'll need to add the fundraising page. The Hub will show your fundraising status and keep it up-to-date automatically.

If you don't have any newsfeeds, don't worry! The Hub will detect that for you and if you have a Facebook page added to your Group it will pull in your posts from that instead. If you'd rather not have your Facebook page duplicated on The Hub then you can edit your Group Settings to remove the auto-generated feed.


4 Manually Posting As Your Group

All this fancy auto-import stuff is great, but nothing beats a personal message to your Group followers. You can post as your group by creating a new post (hit the + button then tap "Post") and tapping your avatar at the top right of the screen. From there you can select a group you administrate. Now write your post and hit Submit. Job done!

You can do the same things when adding Events (events are important! Please try and add your events on The Hub for others to find!).


5 Tips For Your Group

  • If your Facebook page is particularly busy, consider removing the auto-generated feed in your Group Settings Area. Followers of your group may stop following or mute your notifications if it is constantly spamming them
  • Add your events! Even leafleting or canvassing. Let your followers know you're active in their area. They'll see your events under the Events -> Nearby section of the app.
  • If your group covers a large area and you don't have an address where people regularly meetup, pick a central location and enter a rough address so people can still find you. For example, if you cover Ross-shire, set your address as Dingwall and use the post-code for Dingwall High Street.
  • You can add and remove Administrators from your Group by going to your Group Profile page, tapping the Settings button and then Member Administration. A gold crown indicates the member is an admin of your group. Administrators are able to post as your group as well as change group settings.

Please support The Hub by become a Patron & making a monthly donation. With your help we can unlock the app's potential and help bring more voters over to Yes.


Creator of The Hub, social media website promoting Scottish Independence.

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