2019 Round-Up

2019 was an extremely busy time for The Hub. The pro-independence movement has generated over 30,000 items of content in the last 12 months alone - a staggering amount for something the mainstream media down south still believes to be something of an irrelevance and what the Tories continuously say Scotland is "tired" of.

For The Hub itself, we started the year by receiving funding from the Scottish Independence Foundation to allow us to create an app for iOS devices. After almost 11 months of development this was released in November. If you haven't already downloaded this, head to https://thehub.scot/apps to find out more and find links to download for Android and for iOS.

So, let's have a look at what generated the most buzz in 2019...

Most Popular Group

For a website that seems to generate a lot of hate on Twitter (and in the Scottish Parliament at times!) Wings Over Scotland continues to dominate as the most popular group on The Hub. That being said, it's not a run-away winner this year, with Wee Ginger Dug slightly over 30 followers away from taking the lead.

Most Popular Article

Interestingly, Scot Goes Pop wins this award for the second year in a row with an article from the end of April 2019 discussing an interview Nicola Sturgeon had with Peter Smith on ITV News regarding the Section 30 order.

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Most Watched Video

This year the Rugby World Cup in Japan generated a huge amount of interest from people in Scotland. But rather than our performances, it was the weather that had people talking. The threat of a typhoon halting Scotland's progress in the tournament was the most viewed video on The Hub.

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Most Watched Livestream

Independence Live are one of the most important pro-Yes groups around, doing the job the mainstream media consistently fails to do. Their Livestream from January 2019 with the People's Doorstep Referendum is the most viewed livestream of the year.

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Most Listened To Podcast

Again, from January 2019 - Wee Ginger Dug (Paul Kavanagh) and The National discuss when the second independence referendum will be held. A question that has been asked every day since (and we still have no answer!)

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Event That Got Most Interest

The event with most interest? The All Under One Banner march in Ayr in July 2019.

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2020 will be a very important year for Scottish independence. We'll find out shortly what the response will be to Nicola Sturgeon's demands to hole a second referendum, with the intention being to hold it within the next 12 months.

The Hub will be right at the centre of everything that is happening in Scottish politics, but it needs your support. Download our app, read, watch, listen & discuss all that is going on. Knowledge is power and with The Hub we have a huge resource of materials in our pocket to win over those that voted No in 2014 but are open to Yes this time around.

Every voter counts.

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