The Hub's primary goal is to advance the cause of Scottish Independence by providing a platform that contains as much pro-independence information, commentary & analysis as possible - giving visitors an easy way to read and then share what they find. By creating a central location to stay up-to-date with what is happening in our country it arms us with the knowledge to help persuade those that are not yet convinced that independence is the right path for our country to take.

To date, The Hub has sourced over 80,000 pro-independence items in the last 5 years. Over 1,500 of these are pro-independence events. There are over 15,000 podcasts & videos, and an incredible 50,000 pro-independence articles. All of this content is produced by just over 400 groups.

With so much information floating around, The Hub makes it easy to keep track of it all by simply tapping "follow" on a group page. The Hub then sends notifications whenever that group posts something.

Currently there are three methods of receiving these notifications. Either by using your mobile device, by allowing notifications in your browser, or by opting in to receiving emails. All of these options can be turned on or off in your user settings area.

The email notification feature was added as a way of allowing non-Android users the ability to still get told of new group items. However, with The Hub's new iOS app due for release, I have decided to discontinue email notifications on 30th November 2019. After that date, members will no longer receive emails when a group posts something.

Those that wish to receive instant notifications of new content can download the mobile app from

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