2018 has been another successful year for The Hub, reaching over 50,000 items archived on the app and website. Our fundraiser has also hit an amount that has allowed us to pay our server costs for the year - the second year in a row that has been achieved.

Development of our Android app has continued at a rapid pace over the last 12 months. Here's a few features we've introduced:

  • Saved Items - you can now tap notifications or items to save for later
  • Download podcasts - save for listening offline
  • Resume playback - podcasts save last position you listened
  • Live Radio - listen to pro-independence radio streams
  • Post in background - create new posts and replies even faster
  • Share videos - you can now upload videos to your posts in the app

As 2018 draws to a close, it's time to look back on the most popular content on The Hub this year:

Most Popular Group

Once again, Wings Over Scotland is the most popular group on The Hub. As was the case last year, blogs and websites from 2014 continue to dominate the majority of members follow list.

Most Popular Article

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Most Watched Video

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Most Watched Livestream

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Most Listened To Podcast

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Event That Got Most Interest

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2019 is sure to be another very busy year for the Yes movement. With Brexit coming and perhaps crashing out with No Deal, a second independence referendum could approach us before we know it. The Hub will hopefully get an iOS app developed to help arm activists with the facts and keep the wider public up to speed with Scottish politics.

If you are interested in learning how to embed content or add our "share" button to your own websites, you can do so here: https://thehub.scot/blog and select a page from the "Developers" option on the menu at the top of the site. And finally, if you've got a few spare pennies that you want to chuck our way, then you'll see our 2018 fundraiser below.

Just tap the "£" button to donate.

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