Theresa May's Brexit deal pleases nobody. Her belief that a middle ground could be reached that the British public would accept has proven to not be the case. The only people it has united is the Westminster opposition and a large minority in the Prime Minister's own party.

Our First Minister continues to push for changes, to find a way to keep the entire United Kingdom in the Single Market. But her attempts are kind of like throwing life belts into the sea only to watch those in distress shriek and swim the other way pleading for someone else to help them.

Why are we always the ones to "save" England? Why is it our duty to protect the rest of the UK from their own mistakes? Why don't we learn that when we get involved, we are ignored? Why are we still allowing ourselves to be treated like this? That's not what a "Proud Nation" would do.

The SNP have to take a step back and remember their purpose. To win independence for Scotland. If Nicola Sturgeon is successful in averting a disaster and finds a way to stop Brexit, do you think the Tories or Labour will give thanks by granting a referendum? Aye, right!

If we keep fighting to change the course of Brexit we'll end up too far down the road before we discuss independence again. By then it'll be too late. The stripping of powers will have happened leaving our Parliament less effective, we'll be out of the EU and changes to ours laws WILL be made against our will, to fit with what England wants.

Scotland can't fix this mess, and maybe we shouldn't attempt to. This is what England voted for. They voted for Tories, they voted for Brexit.

I'm tired of seeing SNP MP's and MSP's on Twitter shaking fists like a 1930's cartoon. "Why, I oughta...!" How are we any better than David Mundell who issued an intention to resign if red lines are crossed, only to retract it when the red lines were crossed, when all we see is SNP politicians saying "this is why we need independence" on social media but doing nothing to deliver it?

And a word of warning to the party, if they start looking ahead to the next Holyrood Election to ask for a further mandate. You're disillusioning the very voters who already gave you a mandate for this exact moment. If you won't declare a referendum now, what makes us trust you'll declare one next time?

We've voted you into Government in 2016 on the promise you'd hold a referendum should the circumstances change. They changed. England might be happy to put up with members of Parliament that don't keep their word or ignore their countries citizens, but we won't be.

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