Apologies if you've experienced an hour or two of downtime today, this is a result of moving over to our new domain name "thehub.scot".

Ever since I created the Yes2 Hub I've always called it "The Hub" in tweets and conversations as I believe the app is more than just pushing for a second independence referendum (and the resulting Yes). It also talks about the kind of Scotland we are and what we want to be. Thanks also to Independence Live, their livestreams let The Hub give a window into what is happening in our country with raw, unfiltered footage on the ground.

Dropping the "Yes2" part of the name is also important for welcoming recent converts from No to Yes. The next referendum will not be a re-run of the last one and I think it's important that other blogs with similar titles in their names think about changing them. Previous No voters won't feel part of anything that suggests it's the same arguments as before. THey have been persuaded by new arguments.

It has taken a long time for the domain to become available (I've waited 3 years to get it) and there are still a few things to sort before everything is up and running 100% so I appreciate your patience.

All links to the Yes2 Hub domain will redirect here, and there is no need to update any scripts for the share/like buttons or timelines and embedded posts. These will continue to work as they are.

Our Social Media channels have been changed to the following:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheHubScot
Facebook: https://facebook.com/TheHubScot
The Hub: https://thehub.scot/TheHub

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