Android App v3.3 Released

The latest version of The Hub Android app has been released to the Play Store (27th September 2018) and I urge everyone to download to enjoy the new features it contains. Here's a quick run-down of what's new:


Trending Topics

The trending area of the app has been tweaked to not just show the days most popular articles/media/events/fundraisers but at the very bottom of the screen lists trending keywords over the last few hours. Not only that, but it will provide handy links to user/group profiles if they are also trending. Each keyword can be tapped on and searched through.


Saved Items

The "My Downloads" area has been renamed "My Saved Items" bringing with it the option to bookmark any status on the site to view later. Any podcasts previously downloaded will be marked as a saved items. Push notifications on your device now all show a "Save For Later" option which you can tap. This will save the item for you, without the need to open the app.


Refined Search Results

Politics moves quickly, and this is reflected in how search results are ordered on the app. Instead of attempting to order results based on keyword strength and status popularity (how many views, likes & shares it has), all search results are now returned in date order (descending).


Post In The Background

The underlying code for posting a new status update has been reworked so instead of being forced to stay on the screen waiting for the post to be sent to our server, the screen closes and the post is sent in the background. You'll see a persistent notification on your device as the post (and any attachments) are sent, with a final confirmation on your display when it is successfully completed.


Upload Videos

The quality of uploaded images has been improved and v3.3 now has the ability to upload mp4 videos to your posts.


UI Refresh

"Favourites" is now "Likes" and there is a general tweak to a lot of elements of the app including changes to layouts, quoted content and icons. Users also have the ability to tap on avatars and headers as well as article images. On user and group pages there is an option to share profile links to other apps.


The app is available to download from the Play Store. For more information on what the app can do, please visit our app page.


We are still looking at developing a fully functional iOS app. If you are interested in this, or want us to continue doing the work we do in collating as much about Scottish Independence all in one place, then please consider donating to our 2018 fundraiser below (tap the orange button to donate):


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