We released the first version of our iOS app of The Hub in February 2017, with a basic implementation of notifications. Since then, The Hub has had a major revamp with the release of Version 3 of the Android app and our new API.

Whilst the iOS app in its current state is fully functional, it is still essentially a browser displaying The Hub website. The aim for this year is to replace this with a fully native - and faster - iOS app, based on the new The Hub API that was released last week.

Unfortunately, to create an app such as this will require funding, which is why our 2018 Fundraiser was set-up with a view to using money raised to help pay for hardware needed. Another part of the fundraiser is to pay the Apple Developer Fee which is £79 per year, purely for the privilege of having an app listed on iTunes. This is a fee that the Hub currently can not afford to pay out. As a consequence of that, the iOS version of The Hub app will be removed from iTunes on 2nd February 2018.

For those that still wish to use The Hub on an iOS device, you can add the website to your homescreen and turn on email notifications. This will allow you to continue to receive updates on any content that has been added.

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