The Hub's primary purpose is to cast a net over as much of the internet as possible and bring Scottish political/independence related content all into one place. It routinely checks over 350 groups and organisations for articles, videos, events, podcasts, livestreams & fundraisers then alerts you if there's anything new.

Whilst it may look similar to Twitter (and you can pretty much interact with it in much the same way) discussion on posts in the app is secondary to ensuring you have access to content and are able to share it easily. After all, knowledge is useless unless it is shared.

If we are to win the next independence referendum we need to be armed with the facts. I believe there is no better way of doing that than by installing and using The Hub app (I'm bias, I know).

So how can The Hub help the Yes movement?

The Horses Mouth

Traditionally, if you read something on Twitter or Facebook and wanted to share it, the link you'd get would take you back to the post on Twitter/Facebook. The Hub is better than that. It recognises the content in the post. For example, if the post is an article, it'll give you the article link to share. If it's a video,  it'll link you back to Youtube/Vimeo/Facebook where it was originally posted.

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Share Your Content

If you run a blog or a website that discusses Scottish independence, you'll probably have a Facebook "like" button or a Twitter "share" button. The Hub has it's own share button that can be put on your articles easily (there are even instructions on how to make your own).

When visitors tap that button, that article is shared instantly on the Hub and increases the chances of it appearing in the "Trending" area which in turn will increase the attention it receives (trending topics are based on replies, views, likes & shares it receives over a rolling 24 hour period). As the Hub is purely interested in Scottish politics, the trending area is a good indicator of what people are actually talking about (and we certainly don't manipulate it like Facebook/Twitter does).


We Act As A Conduit

The Hub isn't here to collect an army of users to post memes to each other. When it gathers all this content, it wants to help you get that content back out there. There are quick and easy ways for you to embed posts, entire timelines or even list upcoming events on your own website if you want.

But we want to go further than that...

Developers Rejoice!

The whole point of the Hub is to get information out as far and wide as possible. With that in mind, an API has been developed that allows you to hook into The Hub database and retrieve any information you like. You can create your own apps or show content on your website. It's free and easy to use. For more details head here:

The Hub is here to get the information and make it available in multiple ways for the movement to share and use. It's important we are armed with the facts. The job of the Hub is to seek out the content and put it in your pocket. Don't waste your lunch hour opening a dozen tabs to see if Wings or Newsnet Scotland has written something. We'll send a notification to your phone when they have. We'll warn you two hours before an event takes place (and give you weather information and a map to get there). We'll even give you a heads-up a couple of minutes before Independence Live starts broadcasting.

You can get the app (its' free!) at It runs on Android and is constantly being improved. Spread the word. The more people who use it, the more they can read, watch & listen, then share what they have learned with friends and family.

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