The Hub’s primary purpose is to cast a net over as much of the internet as possible and bring Scottish political/independence related content all into one place. It routinely checks over 350 groups and organisations for articles, videos, events, podcasts, livestreams & fundraisers then alerts you if there’s anything new.… Continue Reading How The Hub Can Help The Yes Movement

Nick Robinson bored me into reading only the first half of his complaint about sites such as Wings Over Scotland who provide analysis of when media outlets such as the BBC are being misleading with the truth (to put it nicely). In the Guardian piece, he argues that politics is now more partisan… Continue Reading Being Honest With Ourselves

The brand new Android app for The Hub has now gone live, featuring lightning quick loading times, improved filters & navigation. It’s the culmination of over 3 months work yo upgrade the original app and is something I am immensely proud of. This app replaces the original “webview” version of… Continue Reading Android App v3 Goes Live