Days after the 2014 result of the first Independence Referendum, work began on The Hub with the belief that in the near future, Scotland would once again have the opportunity to decide if it wishes to become a sovereign nation.

The announcement today by Nicola Sturgeon is of course welcome, but we need to make sure we learn the lessons from the previous campaign. We can be positive, we can exchange our views on what kind of country we wish Scotland to be, but we must do so while listening to the views of those that have their doubts that independence is the right path to go down.

The Hub will be here for that journey; collating articles, videos, livestreams, podcasts, events & campaigns from around Scotland. It'll be a resource that fits in your pocket, ready to be called upon when we need to find the answers to the many questions that will be thrown at us.

It will be a central place to find local Yes groups, to see events happening in your area. It'll keep you in the loop with the prominent pro-independence websites and continue to show meetings and hustings covered on Livestream.

We are more prepared than we were in 2014, but we have a lot of work to do to win another referendum. The Hub will do as much as it can to help us get a majority Yes vote.

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