The Hub collects all the latest pro-independence articles, opinions, videos, livestreams, podcasts & events in one location - available on the web ( or on Android devices (

Once registered, you can follow users just like on Twitter & Facebook, but our social media platform also includes Groups which range from newspaper columns & Youtube accounts to political parties. Groups are intended to be accounts where only important information is posted. Commentary, discussion and opinion on this content is then conducted by personal accounts.

So for example, if you enjoy content posted by Wings Over Scotland, by following that group you'll see Rev. Stu's articles appear on your timeline but it won't be drowned out by any personal things he posts to his account.

Each Group account therefore becomes a place where you can see summaries of their latest content easily.

Notifications display for content posted by Groups you follow
Notifications display for content posted by Groups

If you have our Android app installed, you'll also receive instant notifications when a group you follow posts something on their timeline. For Youtube videos you'll get an option to view the video, for livestreams we'll notify you about 5 minutes before the stream is due to start, for podcasts you can listen to it straight away and for events we include a clickable map that'll plot the journey from your location to where the event is taking place (we'll also notify you an hour before the event starts so you have enough time to arrive before it starts).

You'll also receive notifications when users follow you, mention you, private message you and interact with content you have posted. If you run a group, you'll get notifications if users also interact with that group.




Our Events area includes a "Nearby" option which uses your device's GPS to show events that are happening around your area. Each event has an "Attend" button (logged in users only). If you click this button you'll get a notification before the event is due to start. Should the event be livestreamed then there will be an additional button appear when the event starts so you can watch it on your device.

Talking about livestreams, anyone that runs a livestream service such as Independence Live can automatically have their livestreams posted to the site. Our Streams area shows streams in date order, with streams that are currently live shown right at the top, so you can dive in and watch on your device.

The Hub also acts like a traditional social media platform, with options to add polls, images, videos, share links (using our Google Chrome extension on desktops), post as a group you run and schedule posts to appear at a time of your choosing. You can pin important posts to your timeline, like & share others posts as well as share content across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email & WhatsApp.

For website owners, The Hub has "share" buttons which your visitors can click on to instantly share your content onto the Hub. There are also ways to embed status updates and timelines on your sites with very little coding necessary.

The intention of The Hub isn't to replace Twitter or Facebook as areas for pro-independence discussion. It's reason for existing is - to use a Better Together phrase - to pool & share our resources. By removing the noise of commentary & cat memes, just having one area where you can get the latest news (and with our Android app, have that news in front of you as soon as it is posted) it'll keep everyone up to date with everything that is happening, ensuring we are always armed with the facts, that we maintain the high level of political discussion that was one of the plus points that came out of the 2014 referendum.

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