There have been a few tweaks to TheHub over the last few months. A lot of behind the scenes stuff which isn't really worth going into, but here's a round-up of other more important things.

Our Events area now has a Map page, which shows all the upcoming events across Scotland. You can click on each marker and read more details.

Our Streams page now shows the stream on TheHub itself, so you don't need to visit the Livestream page to view it. The Media page also has a "Live Now" button you can press whenever someone is streaming, so you can jump right in.

If you use our Android app, you can now save podcasts for later by tapping on the podcast description in a status update. You'll be given the option of downloading it, or streaming it.

Groups now has a "Parties" tab, which lists all the official group accounts for Scottish political parties. These are ranked by popularity.

Status updates now show a "graph" icon, that will allow you to see who has interacted with your post. The popup box will list all likes and shares from other members.

Our webscripts have had an update, with an improved "share" button now rolled out, and our embedded status updates have been amended to include all the new stuff already listed above.

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