Groups are a powerful tool on TheHub. Used properly, they can keep your followers up to date with news that you believe to be most important.

Anyone on TheHub can start a group. Head to and click the "Create New" button at the top right. Give your group a unique name, handle and a brief description. The next window gives you the opportunity to enter RSS feeds for articles, Youtube, podcasts & livestreams. (These - and profile pictures - can also be added later).

If you add an RSS feed, TheHub will periodically check them for new content, and post them on your groups page.

You can also manually post to your group, by clicking the small "group" icon underneath the status text box and selecting your group from the drop down menu.

If anyone follows your group and also has the TheHub app installed, they'll receive notifications whenever something new appears on your groups timeline. If your RSS feed is for livestream events, they'll also receive extra notifications 5 minutes before the stream is due to start.

If you run a website, or an organisation, groups are more convenient and more powerful than running multiple personal accounts. With instant mobile alerts and by only posting important updates, your followers will not be bombarded with constant site notifications.

You can also upgrade your followers to become group admins, allowing them to also post updates to the group, and amend group settings. Just click the "settings" icon on your groups page, and select the "Members" option.

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