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@Murchie a few things tbh ... a disbelief that it was coming, not enough urgency innthe message, lack of information shared, greed, laziness ... I could go on and on

I've been socially distancing myself for atleast 3 weeks now I knew it was coming ... but a neighnour was telling me today ( over the garden wall) he was out in the pub last night ... I had to reply oh well you've probably
killed 5 people but glad u had fun ... I was so livid
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@Murchie 13% current mortality rate but that will go down ...
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@Murchie no ... were on a 50% trajectory for the speed of it affecting us
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@Murchie up to 13% now but I think Italy has skewered the figures .. incidentally they were on a 33% trajectory ... were on 50%
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