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Indy Car Gordon Ross - 6.1.22.

Royal assent, or competence? - Which will stop a new independence referendum?
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😄 Brilliant! 👇🏿

Ach well we didnae win, but my god this is not a moment I'll forget in a hurry (watch 'til the end 😂)! So proud of you @ScotlandNT ♥ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿#OurGirlsOurGame #SWNT #ENGSCO
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I am not going to offer a commentary on Brian Whittle MSP’s interview in Holyrood Magazine. The one in which he notoriously denies the very existence of the British government’s ‘rape clause’. Wings Over Scotland has already published a review which does some justice to Whittle’s truly monumental stupidity. I recommend that you read Stu … Continue reading Keep...
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--- Please like and share. Livestream by Independence Live ---

We are having a protest to save the Scottish Parliament in front of the statue of Donald Dewar, Scotland's 'First' First Minister.

Donald Dewar is the 'forefather' of Scottish Devolution, yet modern Scottish Labour...
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+FerretScot Good analysis. Thanks for that. 
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