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I'm for independence way all my heart
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Good morning Airshow
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+CommonSpace SCOTLAND behind them 100 per cent
I can't seem to get the full emails I get from thehub for some reason I can't read them has am I doing something wrong afraid I'm no all that clued up with up to date thingys
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@Murchie I agree with you 100%on what you have said
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@Murchie That's the thing though she says she's against it but sorry don't think she is but it is marking Her out to be fighting the way SCOTLAND needs when in fact it's other way
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+AutonomyScot Sorry but having seen the lies rape clause ruthy tells I believe the 3 are acting on what she has told them to do all she is doing now is trying to grovel to Scottish so we don't kick them out when we are independent
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This is a candid unedited recording unpublished until now. I am making this programme available as a tribute to our friend Alex Grant who sadly died on Hogmany 2017. Alex was passionate about Scottish Independence.
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The Social Bite charity has raised £3 million mainly from the 8 000 people who took part in ‘Sleep in the Park’ last December, in Edinburgh’s Princes Street Gardens. This will enable around 600 homes to be provided for vulnerable… Continue reading →
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Today The Scottish Parliament will vote on Stage 3 of the 2018/19 Draft Budget. Finance Secretary Derek Mackay MSP says the #ScotBudget will protect spending on public services and deliver an additional £400million for the NHS through fairer taxation, making Scotland the lowest taxed part of the UK. More at...
SCOTLAND we need to be free for our children's future we need to get away from Tory and Labour party get them out of SCOTLAND for her and our children's future
Scotland flag - the saltire Made In Scotland. For Scotland.
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