Hi folks hows it going in the north east of scotland but from galloway interested in getting to alot more rallies and showing my support got my flags just looking for somewhere to go so interested in any gatherings and thought this might be the place to find out i work away and cant make the upcoming aberdeen or dundee marches but am wanting to get to a few in my time off. Im also an snp member but again with the job i regularly miss local meetings so maybe time i got more vocal over social media pass on any marches going on, the more the better to fit in with my rota all the best Billy.
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Hi @stillwantudi! Glad to have you here.

First thing to do would be to follow groups local to you thehub.scot/groups/nearby (or you can can do a search for groups). That'll send you notifications whenever they post new events
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@Murchie Cheers Dave starting to navigate round now most of my old favorites are here and a few interesting new ones all good. My goal is to see and take part in a lot more gatherings like those we have witnessed in barcelona recently if we can bring people onto the streets in those kind of numbers, looking around all the groups i think we have the numbers i for one am going to try and make a lot more effort to make my presence known
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