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In Britain Brexit gobbles all political and media attention; like a black hole sucking the light out of everything in its orbit. It is part of the Brexit distraction phenomenon that vital matters that will deeply affect us all, decisions that pass almost unnoticed and are even welcomed by us in our ordinary daily activities, […]
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In the Cartoon of the Week, Lorna Miller looks at Tory leadership contenders attempts to out-do one another on denying Scotland the right to an independence referendum.CLICK HERE to view the last Cartoon of the Week.CommonSpace is entirely funded by small, regular donations from you: our readers. Become a sustaining supporter today.
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George Kerevan assesses the relatively better performance of the Scottish economy compared to the UK average and the levers of change required to make a difference. SCOTLAND’s LABOUR MARKET: WORKING OR WORKING TO DEATH? THE latest labour market stats for Scotland, for January 2019 to March, reveal a reasonably robust picture. Official unemployment is down […]
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The Labour Party – thats ane end of ane auld sang. This could be a sociological story – the slow death of democratic socialism, tribute band politics (the Twatlees?) proposing to storm the commanding heights of the 1945 economy, rail, steel, coal, dwarfed as they are by new industries. But it isn’t. This could be […]
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SCOTTISH Labour needs to "urgently take a look at itself" if it wants to compete to be a party of government again, a former deputy leader has said.
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Contributing to our week of special coverage on Climate Emergency, Neil Clapperton, CEO of Grampian Housing Association, explains what they are doing to reduce the price of electricity for households, and why it could be a model to follow for the whole of the North-East of ScotlandCOMMONSPACE’s climate change theme is targets (and rhetoric) to action, and I’d like to use this space to be a...
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