AFTER just four weeks of fundraising, the Scottish Independence Convention has achieved the halfway figure in its attempt to raise £180,000 to pay for a new campaign organisation.
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+ScotNational It seems Scottish Independence Convention's takeover of the Yes movement is almost complete. At which point, it will cease to be a movement, and become a hierarchical, managed organisation. The extraordinary is being made banal. A triumph of hype over wisdom.
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@peterabell Have they discussed with the SNP about what happens once another referendum is called? Do they think the SNP will sit back and not want to take control over the organisation or at the very least create another "official" Yes Scotland. What then? What if the two clash over something?

I think National Yes Registry have been handling things well. The grass-roots are talking to each other and with the next release of the Indy App we should see some really good ideas begin to float about. Groups can utilise best-practice and win more people over to Yes. 

I think SIC's idea is born more out of latching onto the frustration that the SNP have been stalling for time announcing #scotref
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