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There was genuine anger that the SNP MPs did nothing. Even those who claimed to understand why they might have been reluctant to walk out in support of the ALBA ‘rebels’ were irked that those SNP MPs made such a point of not associating themselves with Kenny MacAskill (aka Benny Maskell) and Neale Hanvey. After all, the pair were protesting at the same thing the SNP has been objecting to for as long as anybody can remember. Others professed to be sickened by the hypocrisy of the SNP calling for independence supporters to unite with one face while the other face is turning from fellow independence supporters in the British parliament.

#DissolveTheUnion #ScottishUDI #NoSection30 #DefianceNotCompliance
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Scotland at 7 Tonight’s programme starts at 7:00 PM on Thursday 14th July 2022   Scotland at 7 is a our nightly news and current affairs programme for Scotland. On tonight’s Scotland at 7, Andrew Wilson and Maureen Watt discuss the latest Scottish and international news and the latest update from Ukraine.   Thank you […]The post Scotland at 7 – 14/07/2022...
It is important to realise that the UKSC is not being asked to rule on whether we can have a constitutional referendum. The court is being asked only to rule on whether we can have a “consultative and non-self-executing” referendum. A referendum that cannot lead to independence because it has no direct legal consequences. It does not connect to any action by which our independence might be restored.

If the UKSC rules that we can have this pretendy referendum, Scotland’s cause is no further forward. If it rules that we can’t have this pretendy referendum this necessarily implies that we will not be permitted a real referendum with actual legal consequences. So we are right back where we are now. It really is a pointless exercise.

The only way – and I do mean the ONLY way – a proper constitutional referendum can happen is if it is authorised by and conducted under the auspices of the Scottish Parliament. This means the Scottish Parliament must acquire the necessary power to authorise and legitimise a constitutional referendum. The ONLY way for the Scottish Parliament to acquire that power is by taking it. By asserting it.

We will only get to fully and properly exercise our sovereignty when we have dissolved the Union and restored our independence. We can only restore our independence by exercising the right of self-determination that is bound up with the sovereignty of Scotland’s people. We can only exercise our right of self-determination conclusively in a legitimate constitutional referendum. Only the Parliament we elect possesses the democratic legitimacy necessary to authorise the exercise of our right of self-determination. The Scottish Parliament can only authorise and legitimise a constitutional referendum by doing something that the British state will always deem unlawful. Ergo, we will only restore Scotland’s independence by means of #ScottishUDI.

The choice is not between #ScottishUDI and something else. There is nothing else. The choice is between girding our collective loins for #ScottishUDI or forsaking Scotland’s cause. I am not about to do the latter. I am bound to do the former. Others must decide for themselves.

#DissolveTheUnion #ScottishUDI #NoSection30 #DefianceNotCompliance  
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Why should Sajid Javid and the rest not feel entitled to dictate the terms on which we may exercise our right of self-determination when our First Minister and all our leading politicians acknowledge and legitimise their authority to do so?

#DissolveTheUnion #NoSection30 #ScottishUDI #DefianceNotCompliance
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I realise that repudiating the Section 30 process after her apparently unshakable commitment to it might be thought a politically damaging U-turn. But Johnson, Starmer and the rest of the British political elite have made it easier for her. Personally, I would respect such a change of heart now only a lot less than II would if she’d done it before the election last year. A lot less is better than not at all. I suspect the only ones who wouldn’t appreciate this – apart from the BritNats, obviously – would be those petty trolls who see every development as an opportunity for some pointless sniping at the SNP. The rational and realistic faction of the Yes movement would welcome it. Both of us!

#DissolveTheUnion #NoSection30 #ScottishUDI #DefianceNotCompliance
"So a more amicable relationship would improve the prospects of their being a referendum which could lead to independence."

Interesting turn of phrase from Anthony Salamone. It suggests he is aware that the currently proposed referendum CANNOT lead to independence.

"It is inconceivable, at this stage, that a snap election would be fought on anything other than the single issue of independence."

I suspect the British Nationalist parties would beg to differ with Toni Giugliano. They will be working on ways to ensure an election is fought on EVERYTHING other than the single issue of independence. That's perhaps the biggest problem with the idea of a plebiscitary election. We need the result to be conclusive. A "de facto" referendum cannot be conclusive unless all the main participating parties agree to stand on the same single issue. And that is not going to happen.

Quite the contrary. The British parties will know that they can spoil the whole plebiscitary election idea simply by campaigning on as many issues as possible, while never mentioning the constitutional issue at all. Even if imperfectly implemented, such a strategy would muddy the waters enough to cast doubt on a "de facto" Yes vote.

Nicola Sturgeon's two-pronged 'plan' doesn't lead to the restoration of Scotland's independence whichever way it goes. Both prongs lead back to where we are now, but without the prospect of a real and conclusive constitutional referendum.

#DissolveTheUnion #NoSection30 #DefianceNotCompliance #ScottishUDI#DissolveTheUnion #NoSection30 #DefianceNotCompliance #ScottishUDI
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Ladies and Gents
Meet the new Secretary for Education...
Thank you Rosina 😊
The manner of our restoring independence will be part of Scotland’s story forever. It would be good if this chapter was something from which future generations could take inspiration. We can be sure that some will try to taint that story in one way or another. The British version is likely to say that Scotland was ‘granted’ independence by beneficent England while British Nations in and furth of Scotland will seek to portray the process as flawed and say – without blushing at their own hypocrisy – that we cheated and lied our way to independence. I don’t want my great-grandchildren reading that.

#DissolveTheUnion #NoSection30 #ScottishUDI #DefianceNotCompliance
We can do what is ‘legal’ in terms defined by those who are determined that Scotland shall always be subordinate to England-as-Britain in a risibly archaic, grotesquely asymmetric and transparently exploitative and unjust political union. Or we can do what is right in terms of fundamental democratic principles.

#DissolveTheUnion #NoSection30 #ScottishUDI #DefianceNotCompliance
There is a harsh reality that SNP members might want to keep in mind should they choose to take George Kerevan's advice. While they are "reconsidering the party’s decision to join Nato after independence", they'd do well to remember that Scotland represents a considerable geopolitical asset. It is inevitable that the global powers - existing and aspiring - will compete for access to and control of this asset. If Scotland doesn't chose a side, then the choice will surely be made for us.
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+ScotNational It seems Scottish Independence Convention's takeover of the Yes movement is almost complete. At which point, it will cease to be a movement, and become a hierarchical, managed organisation. The extraordinary is being made banal. A triumph of hype over wisdom.
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+ScotNational Jacob Rees-Mogg has absolutely say in the matter. The right of self-determination is vested wholly in the people of Scotland to be exercised entirely at our discretion.

Jacob Rees-Mogg gets to choose which which off he fucks to.
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If a week's a long time in politics the past two have seemed like an eternity and it should be no surprise to anyone that we begin and end this podcast focusing on the ongoing controversy surrounding Alex Salmond. The...
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@peterabell The SNP need to stop sending out what I consider mixed signals.

We get the regular "this is why we should be independent" tweets from MPs and MSPs, we get Keith Brown saying "this is great" about the National Assembly without any clear road map of what it is for apart from SNP members to yet again announce independence is what they want.

Then we get the SNP doing as you say, Peter. They beg for a seat at trade talks, to be involved in big decisions within the UK. Why? Why do we continue this attitude of subordination.

I'm not sure the SNP's tactic of showing how little power we have or how little Westminster Co aiders us important as really having a big impact on numbers for another indyref. I'm sure quite a lot of No voters are more than happy for Scotland to be sidelined and the "big boys" being in charge.
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MORE than 7000 people joined the SNP following the party’s walkout at Westminster.
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